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Apr 5, 2009 04:21 PM

ISO a great Tasting Menu to add to my plans....

(New to Chowhound...but have been lurking for ever!!!)
I am getting closer to making reservations for my trip next week. I am pretty decided on Nota Bene for one night. I would really love to do a great Chef's tasting menu another night. Where is a great one?? Splendido looks good, but on the higher end of our budget with the wine. I am also considering Perigee, George or Bite Me (although the reviews are mixed). I was looking at Colborne Lane..but what is the price on that?? Am missing some?? Also- since I am pretty set on Nota Bene, something in a different genre would be ideal, although not necessary.

Any suggestions would be great...I am hoping to stay within easy access by TTC or some walking. We are staying on King..

THank yoU!!

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  1. How about Madeline or Lee ? The famous chef of Toronto "Susur Lee" is now back to Toronto for the first 2 weeks of April to present his NYC "Shang"'s tasting menu at both Madeline and Lee for $60. Just had the one at Madeline and very satisfy with the food overall.

    Here is the menu items :
    -White Peppercorn Marinated Skirt Steak, Pinenut Brown Butter
    -Sauteed Black Tiger Shrimp, Szechwan Ratatouille with XO sauce
    -Sashimi of Hamachi with Ponzu Sauce, Potato Puff Ball and Almondine
    -Steamed Tofu Custard topped with Creamed Spinach, Wood Ear mushroom, Shiitake and Soya Juice
    -Warm Molten Chocolate Cake

    There is a different tasting menu at Lee which has a bit more Cantonese cuisine element in it.