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Apr 5, 2009 03:56 PM

Palermo July 2009 recommendations please

hello, will be in Palermo/sicily july 2009.. any recommendations for great meals, all meals, breakfast,lunch,dinner, and dessert places money no object please thanks to all

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  1. Gelato and pastries at Pasticceria Alba, Piazza Don Bosco 7/c.
    Pane ca' meusa (spleen sandwich; a delicious Palermo specialty) at Pane ca' Meusa, Via Cala 62.
    The various locations of Spinnato for gelato, arancini, etc.

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      thanks, any trattoria touts? thanks

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        Sure thing. Glad to be of help. I loved Palermo.

        I really like Ai Cascinari, Via D'Ossuna 43-45.
        Enjoy Casa del Brodo, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 175, well enough.
        Wasn't so fond of Sant'Andrea or Osteria dei Vespri, though I read good things about both before and since.

        I wrote what I thought about these places and many, many others in Italy over on eG:

    2. We had an excellent dinner at Cin-Cin in March 2008 - one of the best meals of our trip. A choice between 2 3 course meals (seafood/meat) at about 35 euros per person. Would definitely recommend.

      1. Personally, I loved Bye Bye Blues in Palermo's Beach called Mondello (only evenings). Very good modernish but true interpretation of Sicilian food. Excellent!
        Sant'Andrea for me was, as ever, great. True to the island, tasty, and a bottle of rosso del conte will top it off. Great low temperature oven mullet filled with fennel and pinenuts, on top of spiced coliflower (fresh, great!), with a pumpkin sauce and pistachios... Pasta made with cacao in the dough, with and excellent meat sausage sauce con piselli and strattu...
        Same, hosteria dei vespri gives great food, but service is erratic. Depending on your time I would recommend the first two. More time: check Hosteria as well.
        Casa del brodo is very traditional, check first whether this is what you want. The fava soup is great though!
        For me, cin-cin wasn't a great experience. The ricci weren't fresh, not the whole menu was available. Shellfish grilled on lemon leaves was good though. Bit commercial.
        By the way: try some fresh ricci pasta in Mondello. The biggest beach restaurant (a lot af decoration, cannot miss) makes only antipasti and primi and serves it well (and also fresh as antipasta). And for a grilled fish, check Symphaty a bit further on the beach for your secundi.
        I heard great stuff about 091 in palermo, but didnt have a chance to check it out yet.
        Last tip: check out Katie Parla's tips on this site.


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