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Apr 5, 2009 03:49 PM

Clermont next weekend any place close for good eats, seafood, Italian?

I am going to be in Clermont next weekend, any chow worth places without driving 20 miles?

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  1. Clermont is kind of a bump in the road kind of place and I too would be curious to know what they have to offer for foodie enthusiasts. But for a sure knock out, I'd drive the extra distance into Winter Park and eat at The Ravenous Pig.


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      The Chef's Table in Winter Garden is excellent - just one town east of Clermont. Or drive the 20 minutes into town and go to Luma on Park in Winter Park.

      1. re: orlwine

        TRP and Chef's Table are great suggestions. In Clermont there is a cheap Italian place , D'amatos has has good basic italian. Jacks Barbecue is excellent. Near Groveland, Red Wing cafe is very good for dinner, they bill themselves as Redneck Gourmet and often have fresh game meat on the menu.