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Apr 5, 2009 03:38 PM

Question on first time use of steel pizza pan


I recently purchased a 10" pizza pan from American Metal Crafters.

It's a steel pan, with a tin coating.

Now, I know with steel pans that you are supposed to season them before first use. No problem.

HOWEVER, the pan (brand new), when I touch it has a black powder/grease like substance on it that comes off on my hands.

I've tried scrubbing it out with a kitchen abrasive sponge (not metal) and hot soapy water, but it is proving VERY difficult to get off.

Is this normal? Does it all need to come off? What is it exactly?

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  1. Update: It seems to definitely be an anti-rust oil put on the metal.

    Any tips for getting it off? I've been scrubbing it for > 30min with an SOS pad and when I applied the crisco it turned it dark gray.

    UGH. Is it ok to just leave it on and start seasoning?

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    1. re: ls1dreams

      You could leave it on because it would have to be food safe to be applied initially. Baking pans don't need to be seasoned before using because they will build up a non-stick coating with repeated use if you don't wash them.

      1. re: Kelli2006

        tin coat steel needs to e seasoned before use. No home kitchen is going to use it enough to season it properly.

        1. re: Kelli2006

          I would coat with oil and place in the oven until its black - or that deep purpley, brown.
          I think its important to season before use - because the product sticks - then you have to scrub, you remove most of the good carbon and it takes a long time to get a good pan . If you jump start the process - it will be perfect after a couple of good pizzas