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Apr 5, 2009 03:21 PM

Fresh fava beans?

Is it too early to buy fresh fava beans in the pod? If not, does anyone know where can I get them?

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  1. I have mostly seen then at the Farmers Markets a few months from now. Maybe someone ships them in from somewhere further south. Whole Foods?

    1. I saw fresh fava beans today at a produce market in Glendale Heights. I had to run out to the west burbs today and saw a huge produce market and had to stop in.They had fava beans in the pods.The name of the market was Valli Produce 155 E. North ave. Glendale Heights.630-682-5200 it's a huge store with good selection of fruits and vegetables.It's funny they had everything you could think of except green beans in which I had a taste for.

      1. I've seen them recently at a favorite fresh produce emporium- Market Place on Oakton (4817 Oakton, Skokie).