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Pepperoni rolls in L.A.?

I spent 5 years in Dallas, TX. There is a popular pizza chain in Texas called DoubleDave's.

DoubleDave's has something called pepperoni rolls which are *awesome*.

Here's a pic - http://www.saflavors.com/wp-content/u...

I haven't come across any pepperoni rolls in L.A yet. Does anyone know if this type of thing is available around here?

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  1. i guess that kind of looks vaguely like a strombolli. and trader joe's sells sausage/pepperoni stromboli. i've never had it - but it looks good. it's in the freezer section.

    1. The closest thing I could recommend to you is in Orange County at a place called Roma D' Italia in Tustin. They call it pepperoni bread but it looks to be the same, and even if it's not exactly the same, it's still extremely delicious. I think they use mozzerella cheese though.

      Also, if you go to various malls, places like SBARRO and http://www.laitaliankitchen.com/locat... will also serve similar rolls.

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        Tustin is a bit out of the way from West Hollywood. Sbarro stromboli's are a different animal. If you're ever in Texas I highly recommend trying the pepperoni rolls at DoubleDave's!

      2. They do look a bit like stromboli. Growing up on the east coast, we used to have pepperoni rolls as a very special junk food treat. I'm not familiar with the Texas type, so I don't know if it differs much.
        I've found for any sort of stromboli/pepperoni roll that I've craved out here, the easiest solution has just been to make my own. I'm really not much of a cook, but I find them very easy to make.
        Hopefully another poster can be more helpful with tracking down restaurant options.

        1. Valentino's Pizza with a few locations in the South Bay has rolls like these.
          I tried the sausage roll which I liked a lot (comes with great sauce), but I'm sure they had pepperoni and meatball versions too.

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            I called Valentino's - they said that they had sausage rolls but no pepperoni rolls :(

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              Drats sorry. Try the sausage rolls then - they're good!

          2. I don't know if these are the same thing, but both Mamma's Brick Oven Pizza (http://www.mammasbrickoven.com/files/... ) and Nonna Pizzeria (http://www.nonna-pizzeria.com/images/... ) have something on their menus called "Pizza Rolls" and offer a pepperoni option.

            Both are located in South Pasadena on Fair Oaks - maybe a trip to try both in one day?

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              Wow - thanks! Both of them *do* have an item called pepperoni rolls. Sounds like it might be pretty close to what I'm looking for. I'll have to check them out!

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                If they aren't exactly what you're looking for, maybe you could describe to them what it is that you're seeking and see if they could make something specifically tailored to that?

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                  YOU NEED TO GO TO THIS WEBSITE: this is what you are looking for =) the abruzino variety looks like the best example of what i was looking for when i moved to LA. haven't found a single place that duplicates this , im from ohio-- crazing the pep rolls stil =(


            2. ok - i think i saw these at tomato pie. melrose a few blocks east of fairfax on the north side of the street. they had various fillings.

              1. Most New York area pizza places have Pepperoni Rolls like this one on the menu, though they almost always use mozzerella not provolone. Sounds like that's a DoubleDave's variation that you're not likely to find easily elsewhere.

                The difference generally between a Pepperoni Roll and Stromboli is...Stromboli is usually make rolled, with the cheese and fillings layered within the dough, pinwheel style. A pepperoni roll is just a quick way to stick some Pepperoni and cheese in some dough without much to-do. Also, Stromboli's can often include other ingredients (peppers, onions) and/or be customized like a calzone to include different fillings, where as a NY Pepperoni Roll is just that, pepperoni and cheese.

                It's such a generic term though that many places outside New York may use it to mean something else.

                I know for example that Pazzo's on Olympic & Sepulveda has a Pepperoni Roll on its menu, but that includes peppers and onions.

                I don't think Tomato Pie has them, but like many places they do have stromboli on the menu, though theirs look more like cheese danish style than the traditional pinwheel rolls.

                Most places here have some version of meat and cheese in dough, but there's not a whole lot of standardization between terms and actual product. So you can probably find a lot of doughy vehicles to get pepperoni and cheese into your mouth, but if you want it to be provolone, my guess is you'll have to do it yourself, or ask for a custom bake, or go see DoubleDave.