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Apr 5, 2009 03:18 PM

Casual Dining in Niagara Falls

Hi fellow Chowhounders!
I am going to Niagara Falls this week and was wondering if anyone could suggest some good places to eat. Just casual, but good food. We have 2 teenage boys with us so somewhere they'd like too. Pasta, pizza ribs, etc but also good for us parents to enjoy some decent food and wine. Not a huge fan of chain restaurants such as the usual places like The Keg or Tony Roma's.

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  1. I visit relatives there frequently. There are only three places they will eat: an old mom and pop place, the Capri, which is consistently good and authentic old school; Casa D'oro which has hilariously over-the-top decor and Italian American Food; the Stone Inn, which is the prettiest room in town and pretty solid food.

    Niagara Falls is really a desert, though. If these places are full, I'd probably go for a chain place, and I hate them, too.

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      Thanks for the tips! Capri sounds good. Thanks!

    2. There is a place called Clancy's on Stanley just north of 420/Roberts (plaze with Tim Horton's beside OPP). It';s a sports bar, I like their wings, pizza, ceasar salad and burger. Service os pleasant and the beer is always cold. T believe they have pasta, broasted checken etc...Food at Clancy's is better then Wild Mushroom, Hooters or St.Clare. As mentioned ealier, I'd avoid the chains. Skyontower, Minolta tower etc...

      1. Although not really adventerous eating, you MUST go to ANTICA PIZZA. It's on Victoria Ave., right off of Clifton Hill. Usually, everything around there is of the tourist trap nature, but this is family-owned and high-quality. You will have excellent pizza and pasta there for sure. I'm going to out on a limb and even suggest that it's worth a drive from Toronto to Niagara!!!

        1. The Wife and I went to Yank's (right near our Day's Inn) and got a pizza that was fantastic (just like homemade). Seemed like a good local place with lots of beer options and a nice casual atmosphere.

          1. I quite liked the two Brew Pubs, Taps on Queen St, and Niagara's Best on Lundy Lane. The food was a steal at Niagara's Best, and although there were major problems getting it, they ending up comping our entire bar bill! I'll happily go back to both.