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Apr 5, 2009 02:48 PM

If you YOU were the next food television star...

What would be your angle?

In other words, you (like me) have ever fantasized about having your own cooking/foodie show (on any network), what would be the draw? Are you an expert in affordable cooking? comfort food? do you have a crazy hairdo or infectious kitchen catch-phrase? What would you do?

I'll share my fantasy- my own fitness/healthy cooking show on fit TV or something. I dream about becoming a major crossover star in the exercise/cooking genres.

Anyone else dream of making their millions as a pro foodie?

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  1. It's difficult to think of a genre that hasnt that already been completely to death, so I doubt if I could come up with any real originality.

    But if I was going to do something, it'd be cooking our regional/seasonal food to local recipes, often with a "new twist". It's what I enjoy doing in the kitchen.

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      love this. we need more of these. maybe on local access channels

    2. Travel definitely would be a big part of it - maybe trying to hook up with local chefs and having them teach me and audience about their local produce and meats, cooking techniques, and dishes. But variations of this have already been overdone. I guess I could add in my a second angle. But that's been done too.

      1. Cooking for One. As of the 2000 Census, 25.8% of US households are singles living alone.

        It's a big underserved market, both on cooking shows and in supermarkets. Recipes presented on TV and online give single servings short shrift, and there are still plenty of foodstuffs, both fresh and otherwise, that need to be scaled down for singles.

        So Cooking for One presents challenges and opportunities, and there's a show in that.

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          We had a very successful programme in Britain in the mid-1980s "One is Fun".

          Good food & easy cooking. There a few recipes we still use if it's just one of us cooking, and others that we scale up for the two of us. Certainly stood the test of time.

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            loving all the ideas but this one is seriously worth pitching

            1. re: CoryKatherine

              i love this idea, particularly since i've been cooking primarily for just myself for 15 years!

              1. re: CoryKatherine

                Also the 'what to make when one person's vegan' - about simple ways to get most of the way through prepping a delicious dinner, where half of it can be satisfying to a vegetarian without compromising the tastes of the non-veggies, and without a lot of extra work.

              2. re: mcsheridan

                Ooh that's a great idea. That's my main issue with recipes. I get tired of eating food for 4-5 days in a row, not to mention the expense of having to buy that many ingredients. One thing I loved about Japan is that the sizing in supermarkets was often times for singles, so I didn't have to buy food I know would go bad. The reality of the matter is that I don't have a big enough freezer to store food for months either.

              3. Vegetarian for Everyone - with guests who eat vegetarian, restaurant profiles, and also a cooked meal. In America, between 4-10% are vegetarian and many more eat a vegetarian meal or two a week for health and economic reasons. And everyone knows one . . .

                I have a great cleavage too - so it's a guaranteed hit!

                1. Eating dinner while having sex. What else?! LOL! Remember George on Seinfeld?

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                    Was it pastrami or roast beef? I can't remember. :)