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Apr 5, 2009 01:35 PM

Thickening gravy during Passover

I'm thinking I should use potato starch, but do I make a slurry like with cornstarch, use it to make a roux, or just sprinkle it right in to the broth?

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  1. potato starch is the best option, and yes, make a slurry first or it'll clump up on you.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      A friend of mine uses potato starch all year round b/c her son has celiac. The rest of the family can't tell the difference.

    2. Since I'm trying to eliminate so much CORN from the diet, I use arrowroot. Make the slurry, just like with corn starch and go to it. I'm not sure that arrowroot is kosher, so that's a check you probably need to make. Let me know, if you find out. Thanks

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      1. re: amazinc

        Just be careful. If arrowroot is oiled or over heated it looses its thickening power.

      2. Use the potato starch, definately make a slurry like the cornstarch and unless you have really dark stock (from roasted bones) make a gastric first. You make a gastic by melting sugar (a tablespoon per 2 cups of stock is good) and cooking it to a nice deep caramel color then adding (carefully it's hot) an equal amount of vinegar. Then add your stock and then the slurry. The gastic will deepen the color and the flavor (I originally started doing this in the kitchen bouquet days). As the potato starch gives more of a glossy look than a roux would I also like to add in some of the pureed veggies from the stock for body.

        1. arrowroot is used a lot in casa jfood.

          1. Potato starch is a great choice but I've also had good results using matzah cake meal to make a standard roux.

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