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Ensenada-2 days with family for parents 50th anniversary

handlertaper Apr 5, 2009 01:14 PM

I will be traveling to Ensenada with my large extended family and we will be there for 2 days. The group includes children. I have not been there is many years. What restaurants are recommended for lunch and dinner? We will be having one dinner at El Rey Sol, mainly for nostalgic reasons. Any good , casual restaurants in town for lunch for the family?

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  1. streetgourmetla RE: handlertaper Apr 5, 2009 02:51 PM

    I say nuts to nostalgia, and double nuts to good restaurants.Go great and sublime.Go to Manzanilla for dinner, Muelle Tres for lunch, have some fish tacos and hit up El Guerrerense. These are both easy to find, and with the current exchange rate, you'll make like a bandit.

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      handlertaper RE: streetgourmetla Apr 5, 2009 03:12 PM

      Thanks streetgourmetla. Can you tell me more about El Guerreerense?

      I have heard of Manzanilla and think that we will go there on the first night.

      1. re: handlertaper
        streetgourmetla RE: handlertaper Apr 5, 2009 08:57 PM

        It's on Alvarado right in the zona turistica, a block or two back from the main drag. They have the best seafood tostadas in Mexico.Try the best version of Ensenada style ceviche, which is finely chopped, but even more amazing, the tostadas of sea urchin,cod, sea cucumber, and abalone.Their pismo clam and huarache oyster are also heavenly.They're open from about 10AM-3PM, but go early before they run out of the good stuff.

        Muelle Tres is also run by Benito Molina of Manzanilla, kid friendly food too.The best fries I've had, plus many savory items that would be approachable to all audiences.That way you can have the tartar of tuna all to yourself.

        1. re: streetgourmetla
          handlertaper RE: streetgourmetla Apr 5, 2009 09:19 PM

          Muelle Tres sounds perfect. You had me at the best french fires!!

          And I am looking forward to El Guerreerense too!

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