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Apr 5, 2009 01:11 PM

Great Taste Bakery & Restaurant Chinatown

Just opened at

Great Taste Bakery & Restaurant
61-63 Beach Street

I had some really excellent buns there Saturday:

Char siu bao
crispy fried taro ball with pork inside
Oval shaped fried thingy also with pork.

Very good renditions of all three items.

Lots of seating.

The menu also says "Dim Sum Bakery Congee Noodles Rice."

There are two separate menus, one more snacky congee, rice plate, the other more sit down faire. Some very interesting casserole dishes.

Definitely like to give it a whirl for some of the other dishes.

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  1. Allstonian and I stopped in there with our dim sum crowd last weekend. I had a perfectly respectable pineapple bun filled with coconut.

    1. Seconded on the char siu bao, and found the place to be cheery and the counter help very pleasant. Looking forward to going back.

      1. oval shaped fried thingy could be Hom sui gok? sticky and football-shaped?

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            Went this past saturday with some friends who I went to Hong Kong with this past fall. We sat in the very empty dining room. We tried a few dishes--Portuguese Chicken casserole with spaghetti (at the servers reccomendation.), shredded beef congee, ma po tofu, scallion pancake, and ham and egg sandwich. Was dreaming of getting tasty hong kong style congee but it fell a little short. Pretty bland in flavor. Tofu was tasty. Scallion pancake was great-light and crispy. The casserole was very interesting. baked pasta on the bottom covered with crispy fried chicken with a very thick egg custard on top that browned under a salamander. The chicken was tasty but overall the dish was very heavy and the custard was a little much for our liking.

            The best thing of the day was the Portuguese style egg tart-Nadas- that is so popular in Macau. I found it to be better that what is available in East Cambridge and rival what those from my favorite Sunrise Bakery in New Bedford. We enjoyed our time there and the staff was friendly but it won't be entering into my regular c-town rotation

            1. re: iloveporkbelly

              Hmmmm. sorry the sit down dishes were not that exciting at first taste. The buns are as good as any in Boston so you might want to give those a whirl next time.

          2. I was there yesterday and had the pork bun, woo gok (Taro) and hom sui gok (oval thing). The woo gok is very good and the other two were OK. . They also have an lunch and dinner menu (noodles, congee , rice plates and some main dishes). Its kind of a combination of Ho Yuen and Hong Kong Eatery.Overall, there is a certain sameness to this new venture and had hoped for something out of the ordinary, but I quibble.

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            1. re: gourmaniac

              I agree that it is in a similar mold to other Boston places. That said, all of the stuff I ate was hot out of the fryer or oven which is a big plus.

              I hold out that the congees and other items are worthy as well.

            2. Went to Great Taste on Beach Street this past week. I'm surprised that no one recommeneded the wonton soup. I haven't tased a better wonton soup in Boston. My wife had the chicken, salted fish, tofu and rice dish - solid Cantonese comfort food - which she enjoyed. This is a great little addition to Chinatown.