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Apr 5, 2009 01:07 PM

Undercover film of cruelty and health violations at Maine egg farm supplying major supermarkets

The above link is to one of the more thorough newspaper articles on the problems at Quality Egg (formerly DeKoster) in Maine. Stop&Shop, Shaws, and Egglands Best all say their eggs don't come from Quality, but the serial numbers on the cartons indicate that they do.
Among other things, rotting corpses of chickens were left inside the battery cages in which the hens were laying their eggs.

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  1. This doesn't suprise me- I worked at an egg farm in high school. I saw stuff that made me swear off eggs for a few years.

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    1. re: nimeye

      i have chickens but iam afraid to offer the eggs because one website said the antibiotic i gave one for a scratched toe could make an allergic reaction in people allergic to antibiotics - btw it was 4 months ago and i understand after 6 weeks it is ok for people UNallergic to ABiotics to eat them

      i think all these "farms" do alot worse than add antibiotics to their hens


      enjoying my chicken eggs here

      1. re: sugarsnapp

        Many producers that claim "no antibiotics" are referring to "subtherapeutic" antibiotics. I gather these are given as prophylactics against diseases caused by battery conditions, and that some antibiotics can also promote growth.

        Using antibiotics to treat a specific disease is a different issue, at least when you are treating a single chicken, but a huge operation can't exactly examine every bird. They just dose 'em all up.

        I don't know anything about antibiotic allergies as an issue. However, antibiotic resistant diseases arising in humans due to antibiotics given to animals in the food chain scares me a lot.