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Need sushi rec in Charlotte NC

any suggestions for fresh - Authentic- sushi?

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  1. Sadly, the best sushi place I knew of in town (Restaurant i) recently closed down. The best I can think of is Nikko on South Blvd. at the bottom of the big pink building.

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      I was sad to hear of their closing also. They were not open very long and they did have some good sushi.(amongst some other dishes as well)

    2. I don't know how authentic this is but my friends and I went to New Zealand Cafe on Sardis road the last time I was in Charlotte and it was pretty good. But they are really small interior. I think they had maybe 6 bar style tables and then 2 tables for larger parties. Then maybe 4 at the sushi bar. There are 2 sushi chefs so it does take some time. We had went at 8:15 on a Friday night and probably wasn't seated till almost 9. But they constantly had customers the entire time we were there.

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        This place is on my list also to recommend for great sushi. Another one of those I would have drove right by if it was not for a recommendation. It is very , very small so it can be hit or miss for a wait if you want a table.

      2. Authentic might be a problem... Nikko has great sushi, but it is more a modern dance club than sushi bar...

        I would recommend Sushi 101 - good prices and great fish.

        1. I really like Mizuho on 51. It's a bit of a drive for me (I'm in center city) but it is well worth the drive. It is a tad expensive, but that is what you expect for really good sushi.

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            I am a fan of MUSASHI JAPANESE RESTAURANT , 10110 JOHNSTON RD STE ,
            ( 704 ) 543 - 5181. I think they are the most authentic Japanese restaurant in town and have the very best sushi. They draw a large Japanese clientele. . I alway figure this is an excellent indicator of quality and authenticity.

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              Is Musashi the place that has a private room on the left when you walk in? If so, this is actually the place I was thinking rather than Mizuho - I always get the names mixed up.

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                Nope, different place. Mizuho is on 51. I have never been there. Musashi is on Johnson Rd. I dig this place.

          2. How could I forget?...Cuisine Malaya has good sushi. It's located on the corner of Charlottetown and Elizabeth. And it's been a while, but I enjoyed the sushi at Koishi, on Sharon Amity, the one time I went.

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              I definitely second Koishi. It's great sushi... but it is in an old Pizza Hut, so if you are looking for atmosphere and ambiance this is not your place.

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                I wasn't that impressed by Koish - the fish was fresh and good, but the pieces were really small and the rice was hard and not tasty. I will say the servers were great, and the prices were fine. It just seemed to lack that flavorable punch of really good sushi.

            2. Cuisine Malaya - Yuck. At the insistence of my girlfriend, we ate there. I have nothing good to say about it. I will never go there again.

              Nikko - Perhaps because I live right near there, that is my go to sushi place. But, I believe it has some the best sushi I've eaten in Charlotte. I've had the occasional bad meal there, but 7 out of 8 times, it's pretty good. Yes, it can be 'dance-club-ish". yes, that's word. Yes, it's busy. The fact they are busy all the time has lead to some bad meals for me. But, think about it this way - busy means turn over, and turn over means fresh fish. I've enjoyed everything that I've had there, I would just not go on a Friday or saturday night. The best time I ever went was on a Sunday.

              Avoid Ru Sans at all cost. Cheap and Sushi just should not be used in the same sentence.

              I'll admit I have not tried Sushi 101, but have heard mixed reviews. I should go there soon and figure out an answer.

              Yama in South Park was good. Not incredible, but very far from bad. It's a middle of the road recommendation.

              Jade in Ballantyne was pretty good too, although a bit of a drive.

              1. I think Mizuho is fantastic. In fact, I'm eating there tonight. The sushi is excellent, made with fresh high-quality fish. They have changing specials, which is where I see a lot of traditional Japanese options. It is also frequented by Japanese, if that means anything to you.

                Oh and its not really on 51. Its between 51 and Johnston. In the back area of the McMullen Creek shopping center (same area as Viet-Thai). I recommend trying it if you're going to Musashi but don't mind spending a few more dollars.

                1. Just an update. I went to Nikko a few nights ago. i haven't been in several months. Anyway, it was really, really good. I tried some new things and was very impressed. So, again, I recommend Nikko.