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Nomad Pizza..is on the road!

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If you have never experienced Nomad Pizza in true road food fashion, check out these event dates during April.

The Princeton, NJ offerings are always a big hit with my family!

Enjoy 'hounds!

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  1. And pretty soon you'll always know where to find them! Just read on Faith Bahadurian's blog that Nomad Pizza will soon open a restaurant (probably next month) in the old Soupe du Jour location in Hopewell. Yet another reason to go to Hopewell. :-))

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      We passed their truck as it was heading out of Hopewell on 518 this past Saturday morning. The aroma from the already started wood fire was intoxicating . . . in a good way!!

      As we came into town, we saw their ongoing work. Looks like they're going to have an outdoor dining area. We're psyched to have them open! Nothing like enjoying their woodfired pizza, under the stars.

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        There was a nice article in the local paper about their bus. expansion early this summer. Hence the increase in private catered parties as well. These guys know there stuff, happy pizza men with great people skills. All the best to Nomad!

      2. Has the Hopewell restaurant opened yet? If you've been, how does the pizza compare to the road show variety?

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          i asked them two weeks ago when the permanent location would open and they said 'in a few weeks'.

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            Too busy w/the pizza truck this time of year anyhow! Have you seen their August event calendar!

          2. Both Facebook and Twitter indicate that the restaurant is open!

            1. I have been lucky enough to have enjoyed Nomad Pizza at all 3 types of their events. Corporate (lunch), Private (birthday), & public (wine festival). Each one better than the last. Now they have finally opened a restaurant in Hopewell http://www.nomadpizzaco.com/pizzeria....
              where we can all enjoy the pizza anytime we want (wed-sat).

              Last Wed went for 1st time. Very busy 30-40 min wait, time passed quickly as hostess offered to bring glasses & open a bottle of our wine while we waited. During the wait visited with friends seated on the patio wall & walked thru the beautiful flower & herb garden next to the restaurant. Once inside the lovely small (40+ seats) found fresh flowers from the garden on each table and the basil on the pizza. The staff is very friendly & helpful. Had the caprese salad with juicy flavorful heirloom tomatoes. Shared Pesto pizza ( a special for the night not on the menu) Pesto was fresh made w/basil from their garden. Shared a Margharita pie (the purists love this) its olive oil, fresh tomato, bufalo mozz. & basil. Later one of the owners came to our table and asked if we would like a defective pie? Obviously not to his standard but not sure why. To crisp,not done enough small hole, not correct shape; none of us could figure out why it was defective. Regardless, it was a spicey sausage with a little kick & a big taste. My opionion, rest. even better than the truck go when you can.


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                Went to Nomad Pizza tonight for dinner. We were very pleased. Got 3 pizzas, the Margherita, the Margherita Buffala and the Mushroom. All were excellent. The crust was light, thin, but chewy. The sauce was sweet and fresh. The toppings were all fresh and delicious. The mushroom pizza, in my opinion, was the best one.
                One note of caution, this place is very small, and very busy. Be prepared to wait. Now that the weather is getting cooler, bring a jacket, because there is no room to wait inside, so you will be waiting outside. Tonight (a Wednesday night) we waited 45 minutes for a table for 4.

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                  We went a couple Saturday's ago and had a similar experience. Excellent pizza. In addition to the 3 mentioned above, we had the sausage which was great. An additional note of caution is the dining room gets very loud, but who cares when the pizza is so good!

                  One of the waiters said they may expand into the empty flower shop next door to accomodate the winter crowds. Evidently Hopewell township won't allow them to place propane cafe heaters around their patio. Too bad as we frequently enjoy cold weather dining in many places.

              2. Has anyone been as of late? Is it still crazy busy? -mJ

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                  I went about two months ago and, yes, it was still crazy busy. They still had the outdoor seating available, which I'm sure is by now closed. Don't let the wait dissuade you. The pizza is just so darn good, that it's worth the wait!

                2. Cut and pasted from our blog:

                  I’ve been reading about all the hype at Nomad pizza for years now, and tonight seemed as good as any to go check it out! That said we loaded up the wine bag with stems and wine, and trekked on over to Hopewell to see for ourselves.

                  From everything that I have read on Chowhound, Nomad turns their tables very fast, but there can be waits to up to an hour. Fortunately for us, we found a parking spot right in front on the street, and we walked in and grabbed the last 2 top that was open. We had arrived around 6:45PM, and the rest of the restaurant was jam packed. They definitely pack them in!

                  As you walk in the restaurant, the first thing you notice is the giant brick oven in the back left hand corner of the restaurant. Prior to that, they have their prep line, where there were 4-6 people working, and this overlooks the dining room. Right in front of this is a giant, long table, where it seems that they seat people, one next to another. We were seated on the right hand side of the restaurant, where it looks as though the doors open during the nice weather months to the outside. I can only imagine this being very nice on an evening with gorgeous weather. There were also a couple tables at either end of the restaurant.

                  Another element that I think adds to the interior is the tongue and groove, white ceiling in the restaurant. This looks nice, and gives the place a clean, finished look. But at the end of the day, what is important here is the large brick oven! ;-) After all, this is what continues to make Nomad a thriving success!

                  I grabbed our wine glasses, as well as a ½ bottle that I had poured last night’s remnants of a 2006 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir Koplen vineyard into before I put it in the fridge over night. If you’re wondering why I pour it into a half bottle, it is because this takes away the air space, and in my opinion, keeps the wine better overnight. I also grabbed a bottle of 2007 Roots Run Deep Winery Cabernet Sauvignon “Educated Guess.” There is a lot of debate on this wine right now on Wine Berserkers at:http://wineberserkers.com/viewtopic.p... , so I really wanted to see for ourselves. Check out the review below in the next day or so!

                  Our server came over, and I think his name was Bill. He ran through the 3 additions to the menu tonight, and also let us know that there was no clam pie on the menu tonight. Meanwhile, one of the bus girls came over and brought us a chilled bottle of water and two glasses. This was actually a very nice tough, as it is a blue/aqua colored bottle, and kind of that old school bottle with the plastic cap that you can snap shut. I am assuming that afterwards, they wash these and refill them, but it adds a nice little element of sophistication, and also places some nice color on the table around the restaurant. Our server also asked if we had been here before, and we said that we had not.

                  He then explained that the pies were 12 inches, and what a lot of people do is order a salad to split, and then a pie to split. He did however tell us that eating an entire pie by yourself is very possible. Come on, 12 inches? Seems like I could polish that off with no problem right? Well, we’ll see! So he took our order, and I kid you not, it couldn’t have been more than 4 minutes and our pies came to the table bubbling hot out of the brick oven. How is this possible?

                  Well, it is entirely possible as Nomad keeps their brick oven at temperatures from 750 to 1000 degrees, letting each pizza cook to perfection in less than 2 minutes. The oven is fueled by wood, and they use only cherry or apple. As you can see from the pictures, these pies are gorgeous. The bubbly crust is cooked very nicely, and has a good airiness to it. In just a few places, the heat has given it a nice char, but overall it is a great crust! This is definitely different from your normal pie, and this is some of the best brick oven crust around. Much better than any of the chains that boast their brick oven.

                  Both our pies were cooked nicely, with a good crunchy crust, yet the inner crust was soft and chewy. Nomad definitely has taken the time to perfect their crust over the years, and it shows. They make their dough in small batches, and let it rise overnight for a full 24 hours before serving.

                  The toppings were also nice, and the sauce was flavorful, while not overpowering the nice flavors of the crust. Zelda’s ordered the Margherita, which had the San Marzano tomato inspired sauce, fresh mozzarella, aged parmesan cheese, fresh organic basil, organic olive oil, and salt. She said that the flavors were nice, and I am sure that they were similar to mine.

                  I opted for the spicy sausage, which had the same San Marzano sauce, fresh mozz, and parm! It was then kicked up a notch topped with “Simply Grazin’ Sausage, caramelized onion, and then the same organic basil and olive oil, and sea salt. The sausage had some great spice and flavor, and not in a hot way by any means. It was just good and flavorful, and the caramelized onions added to the deliciousness! All in all, great brick oven pies!

                  Nomad also boasts their truck, and this is what made Nomad famous from what I understand! The truck, a restored ’49 REO Speedwagon, is the full operation in one. It has the wood fired brick oven, refrigerator, sinks, hot water heater, generator, awning, lights, tables, etc all in one, and you can actually rent this to come to your events. This truck can also be found in Princeton on weekend nights, sometimes parked in front of your local bar or establishment! Needless to say, it is gorgeous! The attached picture was actually taken from Nomad’s website, and we do not claim that this picture belongs to us or our website. It was purely borrowed for dramatic effect! ;-


                  So at the end of the day, Nomad makes a heck of a great pie, and we’ll be back in the future! Cheese! I mean, CHEERS!

                  Nomad Pizza
                  10 East Broad Street
                  Hopewell, NJ
                  Phone: (609)466-6623

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                    I can vouch with great pleasure that the Nomad Pizza truck is worth every penny for a unique and delicious catering experience. The truck travels to events all over NJ (which is how I came to learn about these two great guys to begin with).

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                      Nomad pizza expanding south. I hope that means they will keep the Nomad in Hopewill open. Philadelphia has a burgeoning pizza scene including Barbuzzo, Stella, Osteria, Zavino to name a few but this will be a welcome addition, especially if they do a clam pie to rival Pepe's. Anyone know if the NJ location will close?

                      Link below has information on the new restaurant, and suggests a September opening time frame.


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                        hi cwd, I've been following the announcement but I haven't heard that the Hopewell location is closing or changing but we should learn more this summer.