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Apr 5, 2009 12:29 PM

Taco Bite, Williamsburg

Love the food here & have brought several friends who agree. Everything is fresh, servers are sweet, margaritas are strong, atmosphere is cozy, prices are very reasonable. This is a family run establishment & they are trying hard to make it work. Recommend the guacamole, shrimp burrito, chicken enchiladas and los alambrados, (a Mexican kebob of chicken, steak or shrimp.) The fried ice cream is a treat as is the ice cream served with cinnamon & honey taco chips. I love De Mole in Sunnyside, but Taco Bite is now my "go to" Mexican restaurant. (It is a 20 minute ride down Metropolitan Ave from Glendale, Queens to Williamsburgh, Brooklyn.) Give them a try & let me know what you think.

Taco Bite Restaurant
310 S. 4 St. Brooklyn NY 11211
PHONE 718.302.1117

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  1. I second this! I've posted on this board about my love for Taco Bite before. Their veggie quesadillas are really special; they are filled with a really tasty mix of perfectly grilled and seasoned vegetables, and their salsa verde is awesome. I can't wait until it's consistently warm out so that I can go sit at their sidewalk tables drinking margaritas and eating a quesadilla and their tasty home-made tortilla chips, and just loving life in general.

    1. Has anyone tried the chicken mole?

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        I ate here last week and enjoyed it too - didn't try the mole, but had a special shrimp with garlic, tortilla soup, and tried a couple of tacos. The food wasn't sensational - but it was good and you can tell they are trying to be above the average takeout type places. The carnitas were on the dry side - not sure if the omission of salsa on the side was deliberate - and there were no limes and radishes to go with it which I like. The tortillas I believe were home made and I liked them a lot and which is a big plus for me. The tortilla soup was also tasty and the orchata wasn't too sweet - it was very good.

        I wasn't totally blown away or anything but it was good meal and based on the tortillas alone I'll be going back.