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Apr 5, 2009 12:25 PM

Dinner before Show at Peabody Essex

I am attending an evening performance on Sat., April 18 at the Peabody Essex musuem and would like to dine out beforehand. It's a friend's birthday so I'd like to take him some place nice for dinner as a treat. I have heard of the Anthony's in Swampscott, but don't know anything about it. Has anyone dined there?

Any other suggestions for good food, nice atmosphere for a special dinner? I'm open on cuisine, and moderate to expensive is fine. It doens't have to be right in Salem as long as it's not too far a drive 10-15 mins.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. In my opinion, none of the Anthony's restaurants (in Swampscott, it's Hawthorn by the Sea) are especially good choices for dinner, special occasion or no.

    The Peabody Essex is in Salem, and my suggestions would be to go to either The Grapevine or Finz. They're the best options in this city for dinner. Both are a modest walk from the Peabody Essex.

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      how about 62 on Wharf? haven't been but have read good things.

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        62 on Wharf has without question the most talented chef in Salem, if not the entire Northshore.

        Grapevine would be my second choice.

        Third would be Tryst in Beverly

        Finz is a couple of outlets away from being a chain, great spot, but I've never been impressed.

    2. Haven't made it to Grapevine yet, but have heard good things. I always enjoy Finz with it's water views and buffalo calamari.

      1. I like the Lyceum or Nathaniels at the Hawthorne Hotel.