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Apr 5, 2009 12:20 PM

Japanese or Diner in Pasadena - tonight!

Going to a play in Pasadena tonight with an older friend. She has a tender tummy & prefers either Japanese or something like a diner where she can get plain food. I know Pasadena well, but usually stick to cuisines that include tomatoes (she can't eat them), so I am no help.

Price should be moderate, but it does not have to be cheap. Prefer something quiet.


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  1. Right across the street from the playhouse is El Portal -Yucatan. Food there is really good - not, spicy and plenty of options. (I love the Panuchos). They are also very accommodating for your friends special dining needs. El Portal is in the back (Green St.) of a courtyard and there's ample parking. If you tell the attendant you're going to the theater after dinner, he may let you leave the car w/o extra $$$-I've done this. Maison Akira is also right there but, somewhat expensive. In the front of the courtyard (onto Colorado) is a small Japanese place. Don't remember the name but, the food was decent. On a Sunday night, one shouldn't have any trouble getting into any of these places. If this isn't workable, there's a CoCo's at Lake and Union.

    1. Try Shiro or Mike & Anne's.

      1. i second shiro...if you want sushi...japon bistro is decent