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Apr 5, 2009 11:59 AM

Soft Serve Ice cream - D.C. metro area?

Looking for soft serve in the D.C./Md. area. We love Carl's in Fredericksburg, Va. - but haven't found anything close around this area. Does anyone know of any hidden gems?

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  1. Try Woody's in Fairfax, VA. Woody's has soft serve ice cream with outdoor only seating. The ice cream is reasonably priced and dogs eat free. It is seasonal, however, and I'm not sure when they open for the year.

    Woody's is on Main St. (Rt 236) right by the Carlos O'Keely's (don't park in their lot on happy hour nights).

    1. Carl's sells frozen custard, not soft ice.

      1. Country Cone Cafe in Germantown.

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          Um, well okay: then "custard" then - okay?

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            Carl's has one of two '50's ElectroFreeze machines left in the state of VA. The other is at Klein's in Harrisonburg (which is NO relation to the Klein's in Manassas and Bealeton). The Del Rey Dreamery has similar frozen custard along with several other places (Milwaukee Frozen Custard, a place on King street in Old Town, etc.). The best in the D. C. area and, yes, better than Carl's is Neilson's on Church street in Vienna.

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              well, I mean, after all. there is a difference

          2. I love Dicky's Custard on I St. and Milwaukee Frozen custard in Herndon.

            Dickey's Frozen Custard
            1710 I St NW, Washington, DC

            Milwaukee Frozen Custard
            300 Elden St, Herndon, VA 20170

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              I agree about Dickie's - they even have a lower fat version which tastes pretty good. An excellent choice.

            2. Hovermale's in Ft Washington has been open since, like, 1955.

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                Klines in Manassas on on 28 near Manassas Park is still a good bet. The one by the airport closed (I believe they sold the land to developers for a new shopping center across from the new Target shopping center).

                8200 Centreville Rd
                Manassas, VA 20111
                (703) 368-2013