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Apr 5, 2009 11:31 AM

Da Gianni e Maria (st. Clair W)???

I can't find anything recent on this. I know that back in 2005 the food was amazing, and the prices decent...but has anyone been there recently??? The web site is awful and out of date, so no help there. Thank you!!!

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  1. Food is unchanged, prices remain reasonable especially for wine and given the quality of the "slow-cooked" food which I never find particularly slow, anyway. Maria gives a warm welcome, the waiters are amiable folk and the pasta, especially the unsurpassed Piemontese Ravioli, is outstanding ! I go there as often as I can - a great contrast to some of the attitude in College St establishments of greater glitz but far lesser glory !

    1. Last time I went there (two years ago) I was excited to try the food since we'd just moved into the hood and a review was posted outside the restaurant by Joanne Kates praising their pillowy gnocci. I went with my husband and friends and was disappointed. While we received a friendly but lengthy discourse on the nature of slow food by our server, we were left to wonder whether or not they had merely taken a long time to open the obvious can of tomatoes that went into the sauce on our pasta. We also found it quite expensive. Now, I can't recall whether the gnocci was pillowy but perhaps you can give it a try when you go. Please report back if you do.

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        Friends who have ordered the gnocchi have really enjoyed it, Arcadia. To be fair, as far as I am aware even the greats of Italian cooking often use canned tomatoes in many recipes - it is a perfectly customary ingredient, especially when one uses a superior brand such as San Marenzo et al.

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          Sorry to nitpick, but San Marzano is not a brand, but a variety of plum tomatoes that are considered by many to be the best sauce tomatoes in the world.

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            I'm not a fan of canned tomatoes in August when it's prime season for fresh (that's when we went). But overall I didn't enjoy the place or the food. I am glad your friends had a good experience but sadly we did not. I would have liked to enjoy it more since it's nearby.

        2. People like to complain about the surly waiters at Terroni, but the WORST service we ever had was at Da Gianni about 2 years ago. We were regulars but the disgraceful way in which we were constantly treated by the waiters made us stop going. I sincerely hope that the service has improved dramatically otherwise I would stay FAR away!

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            What was the "disgraceful" way you were "constantly" treated ? please be specific when you make what is, to me, surprising criticism. I have always found the waiters extremely kind and eager to please without any shred of attitude - chatty if one wants to chat, reserved if one's attentions are more strictly focused on one's dinner companions. Maria makes the rounds constantly and had you drawn her attention to any problem I feel certain she would have made it right immediately.

          2. I went 4-5 yrs ago so my memory is a little hazy. The lobster pasta dish I had was cooked too early, I could tell it was sitting for a while. The pasta was well past al dente as a result of sitting under a heat lamp. The lobster itself was lukewarm.

            The reason it sat? Could be because my friend ordered gnocchi that might've been formed to order? The restaurant was pretty quiet at the time, only one other table was occupied. Her gnocchi dish was good btw.