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Apr 5, 2009 11:29 AM

Need Great Barrington Dinner & Breakfast Recs

Our two-week blue highways only road trip to Savannah begins with a Friday evening sprint to Great Barrington, where we'll spend the night. Anyone have 'hound-worthy dinner and/or breakfast suggestions for Great Barrington? Many thanks.

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  1. For breakfast before you hit the road must be Martin's at the top of Railroad Street off Main. for dinner I would recommend John Andrew's which is about 8 miles west of Great Barrington on Rt 23.

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      Martin's is a great choice. John Andrew gave us very good meals and service several years ago but recently there have been some negative posts connected I believe to whether or not one chooses more expensive wines. To be fair though, I still long for the duck breast cooked in its own fat. (poorly explained by me but delicious).

    2. Martin's is a must. Crowded, noisy, THE place in the Berkshires. Helpful patient servers and yummy yummy food. Breakfast all day. Get there early. An experience.
      We're not John Andrews fans, although many people are. As an alternative, The Old Mill on Route 23 in Egremont (or South Egremont). West of Great Barrington also, but not so far west as JA. A Spirit of New England cozy place for atmosphere, no reservations, very good food.

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        We've been to Old Mill several years ago and enjoyed it very much but for some reason haven't returned in recent years. Thanks for the reminder. A 5 PM opening leaves us a rather long dark drive home though so I'll have to plan well.