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Apr 5, 2009 11:25 AM

Grille El Quetzal - Closed in Mesa

Went to try it out for lunch yesterday - hoping to select it for our next dinner club event. Sadly, it seems to have been replaced with an unappealing looking Vietnamese place. Had lunch instead at Anise, which was very good. A bit higher priced than most Vietnamese, but the quality shines. That said, the cheapest bottle of wine was $28 and all were about 4X retail, which just makes me mad. So we're still looking for our next dinner club site. Suggestions welcome, extra points for East Valley location, must take reservations for part of eight, and have cheaper bottles of wine (what can I say - we like to drink at these things and have a designated driver).

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  1. Sorry to hear the news. GeQ was great, but every time I ate there, my dining companions and I were the only ones on the premises.

    Another Vietnamese restaurant on the premises is not surprising given how oriented Dobson Rd has become toward southeast Asian food. What was unappealing about the new restaurant?

    Grill El Quetzal
    1933 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

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      I also stopped by a few weeks ago and was disappointed. I'm Guatemalan and this was the only place i knew that served my mom's tamales.... now it's closed :(

      Let's hope another pops up somewhere, even west phx, i will drive there. Good for me, my mother sent me some tamales from L.A. this past weekend, i'm gonna eat one per week....just to savor it. :)

      Saludos a los chapines! -- Luis