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Apr 5, 2009 10:54 AM

Yummy Macarons in Toronto

After a few dissapointing sampling of macarons in this city I am happy to report some big success on this front. There's a new shmancy tea place on Queen called Fred's (old Juice for Life spot next to the Rivoli blogto link here: that has a small selection of macarons - only 3 flavours on my visit - that were on a serious Laudurée level. Small caveat though - stick to the fruity flavours - lemon was my fave.


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  1. Ooops it's actuall called *David's*. My bad. I have no idea how that came out as Fred's. LOL.

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    1. The best Macaroons I have eaten are at Bonjour Brioche! They are HUGE, crispy and delicious! I also saw good looking ones at Atelier Thuet in Liberty Village that were chocolate dipped!

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        Are you referring to macaroons or macarons? Different beasts. I've never seen a chocolate dipped macaron.

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          The coconut macaroons at Bonjour Brioche are awesome but I've never seen MACARONS there.

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          1. Just tried the ones from Petite Thuet.
            First day (OK actually 2nd day as bought the day before) they were too 'biscuity and crumbly'.
            Next day they were as good as any I've had in Toronto.
            Following day they were 'too chewy'.
            Which all suggests that they are authentic!

            And I had some chocolate-dipped macarons in Tokyo at Isetan Shinjuku - so they do exist - but weren't really an improvement!

            1. re: estufarian

              Tried MoRoCo in Yorkville. Very pretty –with packaging almost as nice as in Paris– but horribly heavy. Not recommended. What a beautiful jewel of a teahouse or what-have-you but it's in a mall???? Ohhh Toronto...

              1. re: estufarian

                so true with the crumbly/chewy thing- I think I'll check his Liberty Village spot today – v. closeby but I didn't even think of macarons there. Could be danger...

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                  For clarification - the ones from Petite Thuet were bought on a Saturday, so were at their best on Monday.

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