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Apr 5, 2009 10:41 AM

"YOUR" Favorite Deli Sandwich You Created!

I love deli sandwiches ... Ham and cheese, turkey, roast beef etc, but they get boring. I love going to restaurants where they really get creative and try new things.

In CO, 3 years ago I had a Pork Au Jus which was really good but lacking for me. Well I came back and one night I made for some friends my Apple and onion Pork Loin in the crock pot. Yes crock pot. Seared first thrown in the crock with some beer and apple cider, herbs and onions. Cooked till almost falling apart. It really is good and so simple. Well my friend said make extra for a gourmet sandwich.

Well this is the creation. I make a pork tenderloin and thin slice, then I make a mix of carmelized onions, fresh thin apple slices for some crunch, some fresh cabbage slaw, NO mayo and smoky gruyere cheese on pumpernickle with a honey mustard and lightly grilled. Then to even top it off a light Sweet Au Jus for dipping. It is awesome and doesn't get much better. It is now I guess my signature dish which I have to make all the time. The au jus can be made after the pork and you could certainly use any pork you make or even deli pork you buy for this. This secrete is NOT a creamy slaw, but a vinegary slaw. Also fresh granny smith apples.

So ... do you have any favorites? I love getting new recipes and unique sandwiches to make. Someone just gave me a mango and pineapple chutney with brie cheese and grilled caribbean chicken and arugula on a sweet bread.

Let me know your ideas!

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  1. You are very creative, Kim! I'll have to think on this one. I have faves but I don't know if I made them up. I want your pork sandwich!

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    1. re: bayoucook

      It is a take off from a au jus and reuben and a turkey sammy I had with apples slices. A little everything. And I love pump. I always have cabbage in a bag cuz I use it all the time on sammys, the onions are easy but I usually make this when friends are coming over. The last time I made it my friends from WI came down and he is famous for his beer cheese soup.... very very good soup, so I wanted to do something different. This is how this got started.

      Fun to try new combos with different cheeses. I make a roast beef warmed up it a pan of beef broth and wine on a very strong garlic herb bread, a mayo blended with mayo and yogurt and arugula. Topped with fresh sliced red onions and a mild provolone cheese and fresh roasted tomato slices.

      Cucumber slices, spinach, a olive tapenade, a sundried tomato relish with fresh onions and feta, proscuitto with a fresh olive oil vinaigrette and parmesan on a thin toasted Italian baguette.

      I also make a honey and cream cheese herbed spread topped with turkey, cranberry slices, walnuts, fresh pear slices and melted brie. That is usually served on a hearty multi grain bread.

      1. re: kchurchill5

        Ok, now I'm drooling. What did he do to make his soup so good? I've tried several recipes before, but never made any of them again. Probably his special cheese.

        1. re: bayoucook

          I will look it up ... not that hard but he just always makes it so good I let him do it. Dark beer is a key, good Wisconsin aged cheese he says ... I don't doubt him, onions, not too much spice, a little bacon for flavor and the rest I got to look up. Heading to my friend for dinner tonight the stroganoff cook off for his girlfriend. Tonight is test time He will serve one and the other I'm taking home.

          Made the Eye of Round today for him and taking it as a treat for sammys tomorrow for his and his sweetie. Excellent turnout with the low cooking. I loved it. I cut it in 1/2 for me and him and then wrapped it for him and then took over some rolls, cheese, arugula and a special aioli for him with roasted tomato slices.

          I'm having my chicken and veggies I smoked yesterday for tonight and the roast probably tomorrow for sammys. Maybe a new sammy creation.

          I'll try to find the soup for you.
          thx, kim

          1. re: kchurchill5

            Thanks. Never tried a recipe with dark beer, that's prob it.

            1. re: kchurchill5

              Wow does that soup sound good! The ultimate comfort food. I've had a nice one a few years ago, I don't really see it on menus around here very often except at our little German restaurant. Personally, I don't think its the easiest soup to make. The cheese soup I had come to think of it was like a cheesey potato soup with bacon and actually it was quite good.
              I hope you find your recipe, my dh loves dark beer, and this recipe sounds as though its all capturing flavors of the dark beer. I know the hubby would love it, and I would love to make a cheese and beer recipe for him that I'm sure will work!

              1. re: chef chicklet

                Unfortunately it is at my friends ... I lent him my recipe card and it isn't on my computer yet. I'm over there tomorrow morning and will pick it up.

                I'll post tomorrow. It isn't that hard and very very good.

                1. re: chef chicklet

                  I always made mine with dark beer but his with just a few changes made the difference to me. The cheese is key and just a few spices and seasoning and mine was good, but his was TOPS! Thats why I make the sammys and he makes the soup.

              2. re: bayoucook

                Now where he got this recipe from I'm not sure but he says his Mom makes it and he started making it for tailgate parties. We all love it. He does say he uses Wisconsin Cheese, but he also made it down here and it was equally as good and NO wisconsin cheese. So, just his recipe.

                1/2 fine chopped celery, carrots and onion (he only uses yellow onions)
                everything is chopped very very fine
                12 oz of cheddar cheese, 9 oz sharp cheddar, 3 oz mild white cheddar
                3 tablespoons parmesan
                1 dark beer like amber bock, just not a stout or heavy ale (no light beer)
                5-6 cups chicken stock depending on how thick you like your soup
                1/2 cup butter to saute vegetables
                1/3 cup flour to thicken and make a roux
                1/2 teaspoon worscestershire sauce
                1/2 teaspoon dry mustard (no dijon for this)
                1/2 teaspoon garlic
                s/p to taste
                Garnish: He like to use some nice bacon bits, Durkee fried onions (yes the ones from the famous green bean casserole), and a small baguette with a sundried tomato spread

                Saute vegetables in butter until soft but not brown. Add flour to make a roux and cook just a minute or two. Add mustard and worscestershire and then slowly add the broth and bring to a boil. Reduce to low and add the cheeses, beer (best if you let it set open a while to get a bit flat), salt and pepper, and simmer about 30 min.

                He garnishes his with some sauted diced bacon; Durkee Fried Onions; and my fave ... He toasts a baguette and tops it with a sundried tomato spread.

                Sundried tomato spread is simply 6-7 sundried tomatoes in oil, 1 teaspoon fresh parsley, 1/2 teaspoon minced garlic. Just puree all together and chill. He tops the toasted baguettes with this. Great simple dish and great with the soup

                1. re: kchurchill5

                  Thanks so much, Kim, that looks wonderful. And I have fallen in love with sundried tomatoes - that's what I'll make with mine. One of my faves is to stuff a small pork loin with fresh spinach leaves, sundried tomatoes and MJ cheese with jalapenos. Wrap in bacon and roast or bake. Delicious.
                  I am saving this soup recipe.
                  PS How did the stroganoff lesson go?

                  1. re: bayoucook

                    good. I made both for him, with a sirloin and with skirt. We both like the skirt for flavor and tenderness. We thin sliced both but the skirt was by far more tender. I would like the sirloin but needed to cook longer. With only 30 min it was tough. It was very good though and will use it again. Me I make mine and just let it cook, but he had to make it in a hurry so. Overall good success

                    I like the pork loin recipe. I stuff mine with pine nuts, olives, spinach (frozen), feta and sundried. Very similar. I like the bacon idea. Sounds yummy.

                    How about some dried apricots, cranberries, walnuts, spinach, fennel, gruyere cheese, a few bread crumbs to make a light stuffing then wrap with maple bacon. Serve with a Sherry wine, honey, shallots and some cranberry juice reduced to bring all the flavors together. Serve over some good wild rice. Just an idea.

          2. I do love roasted pork loin probably on a sandwich more so than anywhere else. I, as you, really love a conserve or something a little sweet on the sandwich. With this pork, I love to use the dynamite cranberry conserve I make, it's sweet and tart. On pork it goes perfectly.

            To make the perfect pork loin, marinate it in fresh garlic, red onion, olive oil and balsamic vinegar-marinate in a big gallon size baggie,overnight, Turn the baggie so the pork is equally soaked on each side.
            Roast the pork loin, 350 degrees, use the probe thermometer to the perfect preferred temperature you desire. I pull the pork at 160 or so, then let the carry over heat do the rest, or you will certainly dry it out. Pink is fine. These cook fairly quick, depending on size, watch close.
            foil wrap French rolls and warm them in the oven.
            Split the roll and on each side, add hoisin & cracked pepper, on the other side basil pesto. As much or little as you prefer. I like a lot.

            Add fresh spinach, and then pork slices, salt and pepper, a spoonful of cranberry conserve, add provolone cheese, next a few rings of very thin slices of red onion, so that you only get a kiss of onion not a a huge hunk. Add the fresh spinach leaves, then cut in half, and serve with red globe grapes and bosc pear slices. They are the perfect side with this sandwich. the warm pork and roll will slightly melt the provolone and wilt the spinach just a tad.
            It is worthy of a nice merlot and bubblewater with lemon back.
            One of our favorites, and nice one for get togethers.

            I also make a nice Hoisin BBQ Chinese Chicken salad sandwich, I 've topped the sandwich a mix of butter lettuce, bean sprouts, mandarin orange, chopped salted peanuts salad dressed with rice vinegar, sesamee see oil, and sugar, dressing. I like to use my herb pesto, using cilantro,mint, basil and use a light olive oil.
            Serve with a nice fruit tea. - this works well as a wrap too.

            I think any salad that you can make, make the best sandwich fixins'!

            1. Can't think of ONE I've invented. Love Ruebens and French Dips, but mostly love local poboys: shrimp, oyster, and roast beef "debris", dressed and pressed. I am REALLY getting hungry....

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              1. re: bayoucook

                Love poboys, what isn't there to like

                1. re: kchurchill5

                  mmmm I remember in high school going to mother's and getting the turkey po'boy with debris and thinking it was the best thing ever

                  1. re: kubasd

                    I love sammys like that. They make great sandwiches rather than the standard deli. That with some good soup can make for a fun dinner party. I love to try different parties. My soup and sandwich party was a great hit. 3 soups, 5 different sandwiches all in small bites for people to try. It was a lot of fun.

                    A favorite from the past re created.

              2. Ken's zesty Italian dressing spread on dutch crust bread that has been sliced open. A layer of long-sliced English cukes (that have been pressed dry), salt /pepper/fresh thyme, sliced hard boiled eggs, a layer of romaine lettuce, then sliced tomatoes, another layer of romaine leaves, sliced avacodo drizzled with a bit of the zesty dressing, some arugala, and top it with some thin slices of cheese...or goat cheese! (you can add deli sliced turkey). It is delicious!!

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                1. re: melly

                  Nice combo. Actually I really love Kens dressings. I usually make my own but I do use the caesar and the Northern Italian and Zesta Italian too. I always keep 3-4 on hand. Like the eggs and avacado. Maybe a spicy pepperjack? goat would be good. How about cappocolla? (sp?) or even both. Yum.

                  1. re: Timeless Gourmet

                    i love your blog!!! welcome to chowhound!

                    i like your reuben technique, with mixing the corned beef and the kraut. will keep it from "sliding".

                    i look forward to your future posts.

                    1. re: Timeless Gourmet

                      Oh, yum. I know what is for dinner tonight.