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Apr 5, 2009 09:40 AM

shrimp rice recipe - what type of veggies can I add?

Hey guys,

I wanted to try the recipe below for shrimp and rice (minus the eggs) and was wondering what you all thought of the recipe? I want to somehow add VEGGIES but don't know which types would taste good. Any thoughts?

500 grams large shrimps
500 grams basmati or long-grain rice
2 spoonfuls tomato paste
150 grams butter
one spoonful flour
1-2 spoonfuls curry powder
3-4 large eggs
100 grams parsley
cooking oil
salt & black pepper

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  1. Peas...diced carrots.... diced bell pepper (any color)...chopped celery.

    1. Do you think it seems like a tasty recipe? A part of me thinks its way too plain - almost missing something..but I have lots of shrimp and rice and wanted to use it!

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        In currys I have made I've used cocnut milk, Thai chiles and scallions. When I saw the eggs I thought it was a fried rice recipe with the shrimp cooked separately. I don't think I've ever used flour in a curry; perhaps a slurry with cornstartch, but I'm not even sure about that.

      2. I'm trying for the life of me to figure out how the eggs are added in this recipe (and why so many!)...that part DOES sound odd though I'm not a curry expert (but I do love curries of all kinds!)...some onion or shallot might be a good addition...peas as someone already mentioned, too.

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        1. re: Val

          Its not going to be a traditional curry in that the sauce and rice are separate. Everything is baked together if that extra info helps...

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            What is a traditional curry? Curry is made in many countries, which are you speaking of? I really would like to know since I cannot claim that I know all there is to know about curries... just know that all that I've tried, I love.

          2. re: Val

            yes me too. I was wondering if he drops hardboiled eggs in or if they're scrambled or what. I'm always willing to listen to something new though! Once had dinner with friends that used the Italian grandma's sausge and red sauce recipe over pasta. In the sauce were hard boiled eggs, never had that before either and it was quite nice!

          3. You asked the questions "Any thoughts?"
            Here are my thoughts about this recipe.
            What ingredients make the sauce? The butter? Have you tried that?
            If not and you want a tasty sauce, add some white wine. With the butter, onions, fresh grated garlic, and serrano chilis saute then add the flour to make a roux, then add white wine, then chicken broth let it thicken, red pepppers, cut into strips, and some diced carrots, maybe some fresh torn spinach simmer for 6 mins, then shrimp for a few mins and some tomato paste, a rew more mins, or .stir in some coconut milk or cream and top the rice. I realize there are many different curries, and this is one I like to use. I love the hot curry if you have a hot curry powder, a lot of chilis aren't necessary.
            Have fun whatever you do!

            1. Cups, can you please tell us the steps in the recipe? I should have asked this right away because I was thinking.."hmmm, how do these all come together?" I see that in the ingredients, it calls for rice, but is the rice already cooked? If not, I don't see how the rice will cook when baked with the other ingredients as there doesn't seem to be much liquid. We're all quite interested!

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              1. re: Val

                Here is one recipe with the steps:

                and another with the same ingredients as listed above:

                1. re: cups123

                  The first recipe calls for 1 kg (=1,000g) corriander. Surely that would constitute a large amount of "VEGGIES", wouldn't it?

                2. re: Val

                  The rice is half cooked and then layered with the other ingredients and baked to cook it all the way so that it absorbs all the remaining liquid.

                  1. re: cups123

                    Okay, this is an Iranian dish! Very different even for Chowhound (I think...haven't seen too many Iranian recipes here!)...I still don't think it would hurt to add some sauteed onion or shallot but those may not be traditional Iranian flavors and I'm only trying to be respectful here. I guess I would just try it the way it is...and then, if you really detect something's missing, add it. No matter what, hopefully you'll tell us how it turned out...I may try it next time I can afford wild Gulf-caught shrimp...which right now is $14.99 per pound here, sorry--ridiculous! Thank you for posting the other information on it!