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Apr 5, 2009 09:27 AM

Chinses food in Victoria

I normally make a yearly trip to BC to visit family, eat and buy Chinese ingredients for my humble attempts at home cooking.

Since my Uncle lives in Victoria every other year I take the ferry to visit him and the other year he comes over to Richmond to eat with me. The food in better on the South Mainland. I guess I am lucky my family are chow hounds too.

On this last visit there was request on Chinese food in Victoria on the local board.

I can recommend three eateries that are good for the area. They of course do not compare with the Bay Area and Mainland BC. But in the past few years Victoria Chinese food has gotten a lot better.

Golden City at 721 Fisgard Ave near Chinatown. Had decent dim sum and had a very good formal dinner there. The dinner had more food than we could eat. This was the first time I tried this place maybe it is new?

Do not remember the name of this eatery but it is located in Red Loin Inn at 3366 Douglas in the bottom level. Decent dim sum (not as good as Golden City). They also serve a homey Cantonese food off the menu.

The best Roast Duck, won ton, Cantonese “snack” lunch is available at Tong Ho also located on Douglas a couple of blocks closer to the ferries on the same side of street as Red Loin Inn set back in a strip mall.

This time we had two meals at a family member home since it is rare for some many members of our family to be in the same place at the same time. So otherwise we would have had more meal out.

Of course this in not Chinese but what visit to Victoria would be complete with a visit to Dutch Bakery for breakfast.

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  1. Thanks yimster. This will help out the Victoria folks for sure.

    1. I tried Golden City last time I was in Vic too, I thought it was great, and good value for money!
      A friend and I shared the Wor Wonton Soup and the Chicken with Green Onions. The soup was really tasty and the Chicken had a very addictive sauce on it. For the two of us It was 20 bucks including tip!

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      1. re: starlady

        Was the sauce a oil, garlic, green onion, salt, and ginger sauce?

      2. Thanks for catching my request yimster!
        I'll be sure to try them out when i get cravings for chinese food. I recently asked a chinese co-worker of mine to recommend some places in town and I remember he mentioned Golden City as well, so that just reinforces his rec :)

        Any dishes in particular to ask for? Thanks!!

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        1. re: sumashi

          Sorry to say I do not have any dishes to recommend. I had two meals there. One was dim sum and most everything we had was good but nothing stood out. Not on a par with Vancouver/Richmond.

          The other was dinner for my Uncle's Ninety Birthday party (15 tables) and the dishes were large and on the most part good. The only dish to disappoint was the steamed fish. The fish was fresh and steam to correct perfectly but lack flavor.

          I would try some of there whole chicken dishes and beef stir-fries. Sorry but I not much help since I did not order anything. My cousin said it was one of better eatery in Victoria.