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Apr 5, 2009 07:47 AM

Best new Orlando restaurants?

What are Orlando's best new restaurants, (Opened in last 18 months). I want to do a tour of Orlando. Any neighborhoods in particular I should check out. Have heard Thornton Park, Little Saigon and College Park are worth exploring.

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  1. First three new ones that come to mind are:

    Paxia - College Park
    J Alexanders - Sand Lake Rd
    Ocean Prime - Sand Lake Rd

    College aprk and throtonpark are both nice areas with lots of dining choices

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    1. re: fsupilam33

      Idk about the other two, but I would definitely agree with Paxia. The food is great, good service, a fun atmosphere. You would have to try hard not to enjoy yourself, and with the awesome margaritas, its near impossible.

      1. re: whatsabbi

        not sure about ocean prime, but i really like J Alexanders as well, although i can't help feeling like they strive to be Houston's and can't quite reach that level. Paxia is definitely starting to be one of my favorite places in Orlando, so cheap for lunch, and really unique menu items for dinner.

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