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Apr 5, 2009 07:30 AM

Broadway in Providence seems a hip place to eat

Last night I took my family to the Broadway Bistro. As a professional its truly wonderful to see a small restuarant serve fully flavorful food with out all the B/S of places that use the term "to be seen here" Its my second time there and it was as i figured it was excellent My younger daughter wes with us and if she is pleased its monumental seeing she was a food scientist specializing in sensory. Big plus I can finally eat a normal portion of food even a appetizer also guess the RI things is Pile it up. Not this place. Now as i drove down Broadway there was another small restaurant which I dont know the name its just on the left side driving aways from Prov. It was packed then to Nick's he was slammedand as istold my family I knoe Derek wekk and feel badly I have not been to his place so the final things is there 3 restaurants 15 min from my home so it seem the best thing to do is just go to Broadway. :)

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  1. Frank The place on the left is Julian's. Broadway is a great place to find no nonsese-good food. Open minded people are behind them all as you said no B/S!

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      Thanks I will try them also and Nick's i love simple pure nice tasting food I dont mind paying the dam place seemed busy i hate to wait lol I will look up their menu if possible

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        A forewarning on Julian's. Artsy attitude, tattoos required but good food and gutsy combinations so go very casual and have fun. We are of the same generation so put your jeans on.

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          around the corner is the Avery,very cool lounge to catch a nice pre dinner cocky poo,were really likin the the deco feel.its the same owners of lili marlenes and loui fullers,both within blocks ,atwells and the former on westminster. get out there,springs here!!!!

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            Love the Avery rec, that place is awesome. Going to Julian's then heading there afterwards is always a great night. Julian's is also good for vegetarians - they have so many options.

    2. I used to live on broadway, when I moved there Nick's and Julians were the only two spots. Julians is terrible period. It serves as a hangout for west side hipsters more than anything. They have some decent drinks and my buddy seems to think one of the best root beer floats, but there food is awful, the dishes fail both conceptually and technically, I really wanted to like this place when I first moved but after a number of strictly negative experiences I would never recommend this place to anyone interested in food. When friends wanted to go here I would order old bay fries and a 2$ pbr nothing else.. NICKS is good most of the time. My favorites were the steak and eggs, they used 114f petit shoulder tenderloin steak. great cut of meat for $ somtimes called bistro steaks, they serve this cut at al forno and bacaro for much more money and you get eggs, homefries homemade horseradish sauce toast etc, well worth it. The pulled pork with onions and cheddar is good. NOT real bbq but it tasted good, you can sub the crappy chips for there tasty homefries at no extra cost. I did try there dinner a few times and wouldnt reccomend it as highly as breakfast/lunch. Expensive not so good. I had the cassoulet, which was just beans no breadcrumbs or meats or anything and the beans werent even cooked well, i asked them to add the rabbit sausage they were serving as a side to beef it up, still not so good. But if you order right here it can be very worth it. Clean operation, and a staff who cares, Derek is a very nice and talented cook.
      Broadway Bistro I went too early to give a fair rating to, but when I went i was excited to see duck fat fries on the menu, whn they arrived they were soggy and limp, but commendable for evening having them, gf's mussels were gritty and just ok, this was when they first opened though. Seven Stars has great bread, and shouldnt be missed in the am, ham and cheese croissant is sublime if you get one before they sell out, and the strong brewed ice coffee with icecubes made of more coffee is a standout in that department. Also Loui Fullers on Westminster Street can be good for apps and drinks, the best thing on the menu is the milk chocolate pot de creme with a lindemans framboise, which the bar carries. Overall though great neighborhood to eat in, even quans is a good deal and a great place to get wasted on a lazy afternoon sipping orgy bowls with large crowds.

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        Man, I don't know how anyone can think poorly of the ginger pancakes and specialty hashes at Julian's. The vegan sausage is good, the homefries are great, as are their Benedicts. The service leaves something to be desired and the drinks are pitifully weak, but the breakfast is good, bordering on very good.

        1. re: invinotheresverde

          Haha- Anyplace that makes the meanest vegan sausage is way off my radar of places to visit. Vegan Sausage is an oxymoron, if you are a vegan and craving sausage, you should rethink your eating habbits, unless of course for some sad health related reason you can no longer eat meat... Next off ginger pancakes do not sound appetizing unless they were stuffed with braised duck or somthing, as a breakfast staple, Ill pass or take blueberry. I have had eggs at julians and they werent cooked right, but I guess improperly cooked eggs is par for core these days. I like Nick's homefries better, the bits of sweet potato mixed in make for a far more memorable home fry experience. You aren't kidding about the service. The whole place seems taken over by hipsters with unicorn tattoos and oversized glasses and undersized jeans. The cutting edge in ugly haircuts can be seen here too. This place is whack.

          1. re: AntonEgo

            I don't like to kill animals. Ethically, I can still enjoy a good "sausage", can't I? Ginger pancakes may be not to everyone's liking, but I assure you, I'm extremely difficult to please, and Julian's does okay. They're not winning any medals in my book, but they're making a pretty good breakfast. Their other meals have not faired so well for me.

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              Sure man, salute, its america. But if you are on broadway for breakfast, Nick's is better. Hans down, vegetarian or carnivore.

      2. I've only been to Broadway Bistro once, but had a really great meal there and am looking forward to returning. The price point is reasonable (under 20 for entrees) and the menu was really unique: my starter was a chickpea salad with ricotta salata, fried parsley and a scallion dressing... the components worked and it was just really bright and fresh. The grits and ribs app is also fantastic. It's a charming place -- and even though I'm a dessert person, and they don't have a menu (but do give a little bite of something sweet), I don't mind because the savory courses are great.