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Sweetgrass Grill in Tarrytown sort of open!!!

I have been soooo curious about Sweetgrass Grill (from the owners of Tomatillo in Dobbs, which I and I know others on CH love!) and have been checking on their website occasionally for the last few months... well a few days ago it finally said that they are almost ready to open and that the bar would be open this weekend with some goodies being passed around... so I went with my sister and boyfriend last night to get a few drinks and a sneak peek! I am so happy we went.

The aesthetics of the place are completely perfect. It has a contemporary western feel with a very earthy color palette, lots of green, (we commented that we almost expected to see tumbleweeds rolling by!) with a gorgeous wood bar and nice backed tall chairs. There are maybe 20 tables-- it's not too large-- dimly lit with beautiful candles that look almost like chunks of rocks.

They have 4-5 beers on tap including 2 kinds of Captain Lawrence, along with several bottled beers including at least one from Ithaca Beer Co, and lots of wine. My sister had a glass of wine that was poured VERY generously. The ladies at the bar were extremely polite and friendly. There were a few other groups there, mostly, it seemed, friends/family of the owners, who were also present. Everyone was very welcoming.

Much to our glee, they passed some appetizers around. We sampled ribs (totally tender and delicious), croquettes (delicately fried little nuggets of creamy mashed potatoes... a cross between a knish and a latke), battered green beans in an herbed vinaigrette (perfect bar food, and beautifully presented upright in a stout glass with the vinaigrette at the bottom... looked like they were stems sprouting from grass!), and gorgeous little salads with asparagus, what might have been pea shoots?, and pine nuts in a light dressing. We loved the treats and are so excited at the future menu they represent!

We took a gander at the menu-in-progress, which includes appetizers, burgers & other sandwiches (around the $10 mark), and entrees (up to and into the $20s), and some tantalizing desserts (fresh doughnuts!?!). It looks like some of the menu items will, like Tomatillo, be made with ingredients from Stone Barns. I can't wait to go back once they are officially open. I would definitely stop by to check it out if you are in the neighborhood!


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  1. I've been checking the website a lot too, and I plan to make a trip there soon. I'm glad to hear it was good. I love Tomatillo a lot, so I couldn't see Sweetgrass being a bad thing. I'm really interested to see the final menu, but fresh doughnuts are always a good thing in my book.

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      I've conferred with my sister....and she remembered the fresh doughnuts come with white chocolate sauce and cherries. YUM!

    2. Stopped by this weekend for lunch. Definitely a lot of opening weekend kinks to iron out (no coffee?????? pretty major "kink" IMO). The only thing I kept hearing from the servers was "We just opened a couple days ago so...fill in excuse here". Overall, wasn't the pleasant dining experience I had hoped for, but will give it another try in a few weeks hoping that they've got themselves sorted out.

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        My wife and I walked into the place on Saturday night at 7:30pm.....

        The dining room was literally filled with children and the bar had two seats occupied. It seemed every table had little kids or mother's with babies in strollers or infants in their laps. It was not an environment we were seeking on a Saturday night out for dinner and a drink or two.. We didn't stay.

        Perhaps they are trying to achieve a family restaurant environment, but that wasnt the right fit for us. I did get a glance at the menu and it looked like food I would enjoy.

        One thing I dont really understand. I read on their website that they've been working on the place for 16 months. It seemed like a fairly sparse decor to me..... It didnt feel cozy and inviting. Just my opinion.

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          I actually do have a toddler, and it's good to hear that they're family friendly, especially for dinner on a Saturday. Maybe they'll add a kids' menus since so many families are coming in.

          I overheard that they encountered a lot of structural problems to the building when renovating, so it delayed the opening...by quite some time. I do agree, that it didn't feel entirely cozy and inviting.

          1. re: ronacann

            Raises an Interesting point........

            What do you do if you are an owner, and you've spend 16 months and most of your money to open your dream: A bar and grill with sophistacated but reasonably priced locally sourced and grown foods. You have an expectation of having a hip adult customer base and you want your Grill to be the new, cool hangout. Instead, your restaurant becomes the local family restaurant, contrary to your dreams..... Do you quickly change your dream? or do you change your menu and the music and the lighting to make it less appealing to children and families?

            Im not saying this is the situation here, although it is possible.. Im just curious.

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              That's an awfully good question - I suspect you try to stick with your original idea, since that's what the places is outfitted for. Don't buy any high chairs.

              But on Main Street in Tarrytown, on the first really nice weekend day of good weather, I'm not surprised it was chock-a-block with small fry. I'd have left, too, if my expectation was a place for grownups. I suspect that means there's a niche to be filled in Tarrytown?

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                Is this where Main Street Cafe used to be?

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                Since the website states "We still want to be that friendly place in town where you can get healthy, locally-sourced food at affordable prices", sounds to me that their "dream" was not to be a super hip nightclub type place.
                I have a toddler and find it necessary every once and awhile to get out of the house for a descent lunch/dinner with my son. I'm always shocked to hear how many people are offended by this.

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                  I dont believe I used the words: "super hip nightclub type place"
                  I said "hip adult customer base" and "new cool hangout" I don't want a nightclub scene either.

                  As for dining with toddlers, I have absolutely no objection to you, or anyone else, dining with toddlers on a Saturday night, and I have no objection to restaurants that want a very child friendly environment. I have two grown children of my own and I recognize a desire for nice places that I could have brought my kids to when they were younger.....

                  With that said, if I am going out on a Saturday night without children, and would like an adult - non child vibe. I am going to seek out restaurants that meet that specification. Just as you are entitled to go where you want with your toddler, I am entitled to seek restaurants you might be less likely to take your child to for dinner.

                  Sweetgrass didn't do it for me and my original thought is still crossing my mind... What did the owners have in mind as their desired demographic?

                  1. re: frequentdiner

                    Your points are duly noted. The harshness in regards to toddlers dining out was not in direct reference to you, and I appologize if it came off that way. There are many posts on this site where the author seems to be repulsed by the sight of children in a restaurant - even restaurant critics write this at times. Another topic for another day I guess.

                  2. re: westchesterdiner

                    I rarely frequent restaurants with noisy children. Crying babies or loud children will ruin my meal and if I encounter them on entering a restaurant an immediate exit is in order. Even if toddlers initially seem quiet, they can "erupt" at any time. There are a number of excellent restaurants (Baccio in Bronxville for example) that loose customers such as myself due to their "family" nature.

                    1. re: budinado

                      I'm assuming they get more business from people are happy to have a decent quality family-friendly restaurant than from people like you who avoid them because of their policy.

              3. re: frequentdiner

                Interesting comments re: customer base. When we were there before it opened, I definitely got the vibe that they were looking for what frequentdiner refers to as a hip adult customer base, from the atmosphere and the menu (although there is a kids' menu). The lighting was very dim and it seemed like it would be a romantic place for a date if other customers had the same idea. I probably would have left too if I went in expecting an adult crowd and found a kiddie crowd.

                More importantly (to me anyway!)... how was the food?

                1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                  Meh. The food was nothing spectacular. I had the pork hot dog with sweet potato fries and the husband had the burger with regular fries -- options of fries, salad...and I want to say there was a 3rd option but I don't remember what it was. Only the sweet potato fries really stood out. Fries were pretty generic, was hoping for more from "house cut fries". Unless they have 2 different versions of fries and the house cut fries must be ordered separately. Overall I found my meal to be lacking.

                  With their lunch menu being mostly salads, burgers, sandwiches, and a burrito, I didn't get the feel that they're not welcoming to children/families. Interesting though that you mention a children's menu, because I wasn't offered one.

                  Still upset about them not having coffee though. There's a coffee shop across the street (a damn good one too), why couldn't they just get a few lbs of grounds to tide them over before their coffee shipment came in?

                  1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                    As a followup to my earlier posts, I went over and looked at the Tomatillo website.

                    Judging from the photos and the menu and graphics, it seems to be a reasonable conclusion that they were Not looking for a "hip adult customer base", and they probably aren't looking for that at Sweetgrass Grill either. (but who knows? besides them)

                    It seems the owners are demonstating they are kid friendly, and probably quite happy to have the restaurant filled on a Saturday night with children and parents.....

                    Maybe I'll stop in much later than 7:30 on a Saturday night some time and try the food.

              4. I ate here last weekend and I can agree that it was not very welcoming at all. We stood around waiting to be seated as we were ignored for a few minutes. We all ordered the grass fed burgers. They were great. However, the service was lacking quite a bit. The staff was not very attentive at all. We would look around and they were starring right in our direction, still nothing. It was almost as if we were in an episode of the Twilight Zone and the staff didn't care about the customers and didn't see them at all. We told the man who seemed to be the owner. He apologized but did not even offer us a dessert or drink on the house. I have been in the restaurant business for about 15 years now and I was surprised. Atleast the food was good. We will come back eventually to give it another chance. Hopefully, they are welcoming this time.

                1. I really can't believe all the carping -- geez, I've been to any number of restaurants, from modest to fine dining, during their opening weeks and rare is the one without numerous kinks to be worked out. Plus all the carping about kids -- not that atmosphere doesn't matter, but if you care so much, just go to dinner after 8 pm (they're open late).

                  What counts here is the food -- my wife and I went to dinner last week (on a Thursday at 9:30, btw, with the dining room 1/3 filled and no kids in sight). The chicken soup was nothing short of superb, perhaps the best soup we've ever had, the arctic cod was absolutely wonderful, and the brownie desert sublime. We also had the sausage with white beans, which was excellent, though perhaps not everyone's cup of tea, and a fine spinach salad with poached egg. As good a meal (actually better) as we've had just about anywhere, including such starred eateries as the Gramercy Tavern. The service was attentive and polite, if not polished, but it's not that type of place. And all of this with three drinks and 2 coffees for $80.

                  The only negatives were that the room is noisy, the chairs not terribly comfortable, and the napkins thin paper (I'd expect the latter to improve). But such minor shortcomings pale in comparison to the incredibly well-prepared, creative and marvelous food, delivered at way-more-than reasonable prices.

                  1. A report/story from LoHud:
                    First Taste: Sweet Grass Grill
                    I stopped by the new Sweet Grass Grill in Tarrytown last night and shared a few things with a couple of friends. By no means is this a full review, just a sampling, but I have to say I was impressed. My favorite dish was the chicken:

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                      The restaurant has promise but still needs to iron out a few glitches. Staff mostly pleasant but when harried are abrupt.

                      Sauces overly sweet and thick. need some acidity as a counterbalance. There was a cereal that was not cous cous but related that tasted of dust and animal feed pellets. Meat for the grass fed burgers excellent. Greasy baby shrimp. Great ingredients, needs better execution.

                    2. I went here for lunch last weekend- The service was atrocious!!!! The entire lunch was well over two hours due to terrible service. It took almost 30 minutes to get the check. Our plates sat in front of us empty for another 30 minutes. The apspparagus on foccocia is a wast of money- its basically undercooked asparagus with too much oil on bad bread. Lunch companion found it inedible The menu was sparce, inadequate and unappealing. They are trying to hard to be interesting and electic, mediocore at best. If you can't pull off ecelectic then stick with the simpler stuff. I ordered a shrimp ceasar salad and i would hardly describe what I received was a ceasar salad. There were numerous additions to this salad that i didn't like and would never have ordered if it had been listed as ingredients on the menu. I found the atmosphere cute but we all froze our buns off. Again- worst service with a touchy feely chatty waiter. I wont go back there or recommend- waste of time and money. I had to get something to eat when i left

                      1. Brief note about place in Westchester Magazine:
                        Sweet Grass Grill
                        Equally green and rivertown-ish, Dave Starkey of Dobbs Ferry’s Tomatillo—which offers a lighter, eco-friendly take on Tex-Mex—has opened Sweet Grass Grill, which promises locavorian takes on Americana standards. It’s sited in the newly uncovered Tarrytown shingle house vacated by Main Street Café, and diners can expect a casual vibe and a eco-conscious menu with Blue Hill at Stone Barns greens and pork, grass-fed beef hamburgers, and sustainably-harvested fish from Litchfield Farms Seafood. Also on tap: locally-brewed Captain Lawrence beer and a split-log bar from Pocantico Hills’ Rockefeller Preserve. Don’t tell ‘em I said so, but you might even be able to get french fries and ketchup.
                        Sweet Grass Grill
                        24 Main St, Tarrytown

                        1. I went over the weekend, great casual place went early, around 530 with my husband and daughter, I would recommend if u dont have children, eat a little later. Service was great, food was great, its casual nothing fancy. Its wonderful to know that I could go and get a GRASS FED BURGER there. Love that they use locally grown food and the pork from stone barns is excellent, i have eaten at blue hill cafe and restaurant. Why is everyone in such a rush? i dont mind waiting for food, I think if it comes out too fast, theres something wrong with it. You guys need to read up on the SLOW FOOD MOVEMENT.

                          1. I have not as yet been there, but re: children, it's the same thing at Tomatillo. After getting there early recently, it was extremely loud with children. OK, no problem, I'll come later next time. Went again, this time at 7PM on a Sunday, same thing.

                            I have no problem with children, was once one myself, but prefer a quieter atmosphere to enjoy dinner. My kids are older, went through that myself finding a nice place to eat with them when they were young. I've served my time.

                            If Sweetgrass is going to be like Tomatillo, I'll have to rethink my desire to go there. While I enjoy the food at Tomatillo, dinner takes a hit because of the noise level.

                            By the way, the service was excellent at Tomatillo, and we were served small complimentary Margaritas while we waited for a table.

                            What's up with the service at Sweetgrass? It's not like the owners are new to the business.

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                              My husband, 25 year-old daughter, and I went here for dinner last night - Friday - around 7:00pm. There was a lively buzz in the place and we were warmly welcomed, promptly seated, and had a nice meal. Our server was a pretty, young woman who couldn't have been more attentive, in a restaurant-professional sort of way. Our drinks came out immediately; we placed our order, which included appetizers (two of the soups -- carrot-ginger and the summer pea -- were in such generous portions we felt like they would have made an adequate entree, along with the delicious bread, which arrived as soon as we were seated). Our food came out at a nice interval -- we had time to leisurely finish our appetizers and enjoy our conversation.

                              My husband ordered a bison burger, which was cooked to perfection. My choice, a grass-fed burger, topped with cheddar cheese and pickled onions, was tasty and could hold its own against any burger in Westchester County. My daughter ordered the ribs and they arrived meaty and moist, an excellent dish.

                              For dessert we shared the doughnuts, which were accompanied by chocolate and apricot sauces.

                              The restaurant interior was lovely - it's painted a fresh green and has new windows and soft lighting. The artwork on the walls is sparse but tastefully arranged.

                              There was one family with a child in the entire place - a boy about 9 years old. He seemed to be a little squirmy, so his dad took him outside for awhile, which was nice for the rest of us. I guess a bonus about this restaurant is that it is on the main street in Tarrytown; there are interesting shops here and it's a great street for strolling and people-watching.

                              The crowd was mixed - some young couples, some older, some fashion-forward, some not.
                              The bar seemed to have mostly 30-somethings.

                              All in all, it was a good experience and I would certainly return again soon. It was lovely.

                            2. First Taste: Sweet Grass Grill
                              Jun 8, 200912:05 PM

                              1. We had a really bizarre experience with Sweetgrass's reservationists today. We wanted to go for lunch, so my mom called to make reservations for us. The first woman who picked up the phone said they take reservations for parties of 5 (which we are) so my mom asked if they could go ahead and do that for us. The woman transferred my mom to another woman who said that they don't take reservations for parties fewer than six. (The place isn't that big-- could these 2 different people have been more than 20 feet apart giving 2 different stories?) My mom explained that the first woman had said 5 was fine. Long story short, she got the reservation.

                                After we looked at the brunch menu (they only serve that Sat/Sun afternoon) and saw that they were charging $17 for eggs and sausage, we decided to cancel. My mom called up and asked to cancel the res. The woman said, "Oh,we don't take reservations!"

                                My mom,confused, said, "But I just made one an hour ago!" The woman replied, 'That's impossible because we don't accept reservations." So my mom said, "OK,then I guess I don't have to cancel it!"

                                We ended up at Tarry Lodge,which,incidentally, had a perfectly lovely and unconfusing reservationist. While we were enjoying our lunch, my mom's cell rang and it was Sweetgrass wondering-- yes-- you guessed it-- where were we forour 2 o'clock reservation?

                                You know, the one that they took, and then ceased to exist an hour later.

                                We were so flummoxed by the whole situation that all we could do was laugh!

                                1. that is a classic story
                                  havent been but have only heard bad things

                                  1. Well, I have beef with Sweetgrass. My sister and I stopped by for lunch on Saturday and we were severely disappointed. I had high hopes for this place, but I will not be returning anytime soon. The food is ok-- but what really irked us was the misrepresentation of items on the menu.

                                    I ordered the Sweet Grass Burrito-- which says on the menu "White beans, avocados, goat cheese, and greens"-- and opted for the wheat salad because I anticipated greens IN the burrito. I received a whole wheat wrap filled with white beans and goat cheese with a dollop of guacamole on top. It was afloat in a spicy sauce, not mentioned on the menu. No "avocados" in the wrap. Just a spoonful of guac-- as a garnish! And the sauce had such a powerful flavor I was really surprised it wasn't mentioned on the menu. In addition, there were no greens to be found, which was disappointing. That said, the wheat salad was good, like a tabbouleh, but I only ordered it because I was expecting greens with my burrito.

                                    My sister ordered the grilled chicken club. That's the only description listed on the menu. It came out on a bun that tasted microwaved-- in fact the entire sandwich tasted microwaved. The chicken was limp and definitely not fresh off the grill despite the grill marks. On top of that-- going back to the menu omissions-- the bun was spread on both sides with an unidentifiable greenish pesto-type spread. It was decidedly NOT innocuous basil pesto, and my sister, who is a very picky eater, would not have ordered it had she known it came with it.

                                    In retrospect, I should have said something, but the food took so long to come out and I was hungry so I didn't feel like waiting for a remedied version. We won't be returning. I'll probably email them my comments because we were so disappointed with the difference between what we ordered and expected, and what we actually received.

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                                    1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                                      I was just about to make plans to go there this weekend, but reports are so mixed, I'm thinking twice. I want to like this place!

                                    2. Well as an admitted member of the toddler set, I have to say this is a welcome addition to our repetoire. We were there at 6pm on a Saturday night (which is when we usually eat with our toddler) and there were two other families w/ small children there at that time too. The kids menu is not just chicken fingers - they have grass fed burgers, locally sourced hot dogs and pasta. Good stuff for a 3 year old. DH and I were able to enjoy a full meal because our son was interested in his food and sat still(ish). He was actually so good that we even ordered the donuts and smores for dessert (perhaps the first time we have ever ordered 3 courses when out with our son). Service was welcoming and efficient - no issues.

                                      The highlights were the apps - smoked tomato soup, and pigs in a blanket (BHSB pork in a phylo crust and tarragon sauce). My small taste of my son's burger was very good too and we really liked the crisp but very potato'ey fries that accompanied the burger. My gnocci were solid but not spectacular and DH seemed to feel the same about his chicken. Nothing highly inventive on the menu but good ingedients cooked well. We will be back - in the early hours of course.

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                                      1. re: Bloombee

                                        While I do have a toddler, I have never brought him here. We live in Tarrytown and order takeout (Bison Burgers) from here quite a bit. We just ate in for the first time this week. The food is very good, but the service is really awful. I ordered my burger without a bun and asked for extra of the pickled tomatoes that they serve on the burger instead as I usually do. The waitress said they were out of the pickled tomatos. I asked if they could just give me sliced tomatoes and she said yes but I'd have to charge you. Seriously?? If you want any sort of substitution they charge you. Rude. Their prices are high enough, give me some sliced tomato instead of my bun. Better for take out I'd say, the decor is nothing to speak of and the service is not what it should be. I hope it lasts but I wouldn't be surprised if this place doesn't make it.

                                      2. I was very enthused about dining here, what with the seasonal/locally-sourced food, and Westchester Mag's listing it among the top 20 new restos.

                                        I had a mixed experience that leaves me less than enthused about returning. Despite the pork belly craze of late, I had not ordered it before. I did here. It was sublime. Molten warm cornbread with mini-greens, panchetta (what does bettter with pork than pork?!), green sauce, and stuff I couldn't identify. Everything on the plate complimented each other and the dish sang with flavor into an orchestra of hyper-deliciousness.

                                        They had a flood, the waitress said, so the draft beers were unavailable. I had some wine which was fine.

                                        Next I ordered a braised eggplant dish because eggplant is my very favorite vegetable and I happily eat it any way. This was a disappointment. The eggplant was supposedly braised, but it seemed undercooked and served with shrimp (!) and some odd white sauce. The flavors were not harmonious and competed. I was disappointed.

                                        It's a casual place. I prefer Solmar.

                                        12 Main St, Tarrytown, NY 10591

                                        Sweet Grass Grill
                                        24 Main Street, Tarrytown, NY 10591

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                                          Wow, heard that this place closed after only about a year. And with lots of good reviews. I never got to go there, too bad.

                                          Tough times out there.

                                        2. Sweetgrass Grill, RIP. That was fast...

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                                            I read elsewhere that it was temporary, the chef left. Of course lots of places that are reported as being closed temporarily never reopen.

                                            1. re: MisterBill2

                                              I just tried yesterday to make a reservation for tonight 10/29, not knowing that they were supposedly closed. I was told they are not serving dinner tonight but I can just come in Sat. night. So I guess they are reopened.

                                                1. re: menton1

                                                  Liz Johnson's blog (and the Sweetgrass website) reports that it has reopened with a guest chef (Gustaf Mabrouk, formerly pastry chef and chef de cuisine at 42 in White Plains) while searching for a permanent replacement - so I guess reports of its death were greatly exaggerated.


                                            2. re: menton1

                                              I guess that explains my experience a couple of weeks ago. I had been so looking forward to going here, but it took until now to get there. We both had burgers and both were way overcooked for what we ordered. They also took quite a while, and we didn't have time to re-order. And the donuts which I REALLY had my heart set on, remembering Grandma's homemade donuts, were awful! Hard on the outside, underdone on the inside. So vey sad. The concept is great. I hope they get it together!

                                              1. re: misspastina

                                                mine was worse i made the mistake of leaving my credit card there and soon after got a call ftom my credit card company saying strange charges were appearing.I closed the card and called the restaurant and yes they said they had it.So i called the manager to complain im still waiting for an explanation

                                                1. re: ronhall51

                                                  Actually, seriously, the police are interested in situations like you're describing. A police complaint should certainly yield an explanation.

                                            3. The menu has some interesting sounding ideas, but ultimately it all ended up a little bland. Nothing jumped out with any boldness or confidence. The chef needs to discover chiles, or at least some other more intense flavours.

                                              1. Apparently this restaurant is also listed as Sweet Grass Grill. Yesterday I posted the following review under that listing:

                                                Very disappointing evening Our first visit to this well recommended restaurant was very disappointing. The food that was served was mostly fine, as were the drinks. Service was spotty. 4 out of six of us had our entrees delivered 5 minutes before the last dishes were served. The menu had only six entrees (no specials) and the kitchen was out of the two most popular items (steak and salmon). 4 of us ordered the intriquing...+READ Our first visit to this well recommended restaurant was very disappointing. The food that was served was mostly fine, as were the drinks. Service was spotty. 4 out of six of us had our entrees delivered 5 minutes before the last dishes were served. The menu had only six entrees (no specials) and the kitchen was out of the two most popular items (steak and salmon). 4 of us ordered the intriquing roast duck, only to be told that only one serving is available. We ended up mostly with burgers, which were fine, as was the one serving of duck. For desert (it was a birthday dinner) we ordered a gelato cake with chocolate topping. It was served as a solidly frozen block that no fork or spoon could penetrate, even after we sent it back to have it defrosted. They must have taken it out of a deepfrezzer and plopped it onto a plate. Although they took off the deserts from our bill, it was still inexcusable... and a very disappointing evening, especially if you add on the horror trying to find a parking spot in Tarrytown on a Saturday night

                                                Sweet Grass Grill
                                                24 Main Street, Tarrytown, NY 10591

                                                1. I know this thread is sort of old, but I thought it was an appropriate place for me to post my most recent review since I apparently started this thread over five years ago with a positive review.

                                                  I had a very good dinner at Sweet Grass about a month ago, and it's definitely an adult crowd on Friday evenings (I mention that because there was controversy on this thread about this). There was a nice buzz but it wasn't too too loud. When there's no event at the Music Hall, it's definitely doable to get a day-of reservation there.

                                                  We got a drink at their bar, which I think is just gorgeous, and then ate at a table. Service both at the bar and our table was excellent. Our waiter was professional, polite, and friendly.

                                                  As for food, we enjoyed the clam chowder, a big salad with heaps of delicious blue cheese, along with several glasses of an excellent organic sauvignon blanc (I think?) and some really great beer. I had the scallops on top of Israeli cous cous, fennel, spinach-- I never, never order scallops but I saw someone eating this and it just looked too good to pass up. It really was delicious-- a great combination of flavors and textures with perfectly seared scallops. My husband devoured his pulled pork. Dessert escapes me.

                                                  This is the second enjoyable meal I've had there in the recent past so they are back on my list. It's casual but still feels like a night out and the food, while not outstandingly creative, is solid and I appreciate the fresh ingredients.