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Apr 5, 2009 05:53 AM

ISO Flavourful, reasonably priced Eye of Round in central Toronto ?

I cater a weekly dinner for a UofT fraternity - the brothers have good appetites and a reasonable but definite budget.

For their final dinner of the academic year, I want to serve them thin-sliced eye of the round in a nice garlicky jus.

Does anyone have experience of where one might purchase flavourful eye of the round, better hung and definitely better trimmed than one might find at, say, Loblaw's, but not at Oliffe prices ? Thanks for your help.

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  1. You are, I take it, referring to VEAL eye of the round. If so, it's hard to find one that's both of good quality and at a reasonable price. I know someone who gets hers at White House Meats in the St. Lawrence Market, but she's obliged to order it a week in advance. It's certainly tasty - I've had it a few times - but it ain't cheap (I don't know the precise price, I'm afraid). I get the impression that most of White House's eyes of the round are scooped up by higher-end restaurants.

    1. I buy alot of my meat at Grace Meat, 644 College Street. Their meat is fantastic and their prices cannot be beat. Speak to owner Joel Gold, 416-534-7776.

      1. Round is too tough of a cut for a dry cooking method. Best bet is going to Costco and getting a full standing rack rib roast for 100-120 dollars and slow roast in the oven.

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          1. You can get good beef Eye at the St Lawrence Market. My first choice would be La Boucherie, but Whitehouse would be good as well. Both hang their meat well.

            To make Beef Eye of the Round tender, saute lots of onions and garlic, or whatever seasoning and flavourings you desire, wrap it tightly in foil, shiny side in and cook 8-10 hours as slowly as you can. Even better, if you can, would be to set the oven at 145F and cook it overnight and the following day. The internal temperature to reach the 145F and still be medium rare and the meat will be quite tender with the slow, moist cooking. Be careful unwrapping as you want to use the juices.