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Apr 5, 2009 04:10 AM

St Louis near Powell Hall/Fox Theater

Four couples are going out for dinner (sans children!) before a performance at Powell Hall. We're coming from the UCity area and are looking for something either on the way or in the Powell Hall/Fox Theater area. Pretty different taste preferences among the group so I'd say price is more of a factor than type of cuisine---nothing too fancy (below $12-15 entree). At that price point I tend to look at ethnic cuisine but I leave it to the hounds....any recommendations???? I read some postings about Bobo noodle--is that a dinner option?

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  1. We had dinner at the Scottish Arms last year before a concert at the Fox. I'm fairly sure there were plenty of selections in that price range.

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      But do you recommend the food? Any particular dishes over others? Can't say that Scotland makes me think of delicious food but I may be wrong about that.

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        It was very good. I wouldn't have even mentioned it otherwise :o)
        I think I had the fish and chips. Light, not greasy with a great sauce. I'd say it just needed some more salt. The dessert was delicious- fried mars bar with a tasty vanilla ice cream from Serendipity. I also had a pressed pot of coffee- rich, dark, delicious.
        My husband had the bangers and mash. He loved them, I just thought they were ok.

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          We thought their Fish and Chips were anything but light. They were gooey , heavy,and not crisp like we like fish. Perhaps that is the traditioinal way. I don;t know.
          I went there with the intention of trying the Pork Chops which I came to find out they do not serve at lunch.
          However, my father in-law said they were the best Pork Chops he ever had.

          I also love their beer there.


      2. If you're in the mood for pizza, we love Vito's, which is very close to the Fox. Nice inside, decent service, and very good pizza. Certainly meets the price requirements.

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          I've never been to Vito's. What kind of pizza: thin (new york) / thick (chicago)? I'm familiar with Racanelli's, Dewey's, La Pizza and Pi. Thanks for all of the info, hounds!

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            Vito's mom's caponata is generally delicious. I eat it as an entree.

          2. When going to the Scottish Arms, avoid their abysmal fried apps and anything with pastry. It always comes out under baked. Stick with the great scotch selection and the smoked salmon beforehand and grab a late bite afterward. Or for something ill suited to symphony, go to Pappy's and chow on bbq. I believe their hours have extended to early evenings. Or go to Cafe Ventana for a few light bites and a cocktail or coffee. It won't put you to sleep like a bigger meal and it has something for everyone, especially if the weather is friendly enough to sit outside.

            1. Everest, on Manchester just west of Sarah is Nepalese & Korean, and very good, and a lovely room as well.
              Then you can just head up Vandeventer to Grand Center.

              Avoid Forest Park Parkway like the plague. Before events, it is a parking lot.

              1. For the record: I went to Bobo noodle on Skinker for the first time tonight and was impressed. The place is rather tiny (maybe 8-10 tables total) and one order's at the front and then food is brought to the table. The decor is very clean-lined and pleasant---as was the staff. It's a great place for 2-4 people but might be difficult for larger parties. The food was very good: fresh, crisp vegetables in the dishes, VERY spicy as a baseline (you can ask for less spice). The beef pho was quite spicy and delicious. I wish the physical space was a little larger---but they've done a nice job with what they have. Entrees for $9-12.