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Apr 5, 2009 01:35 AM

Kid-friendly rec's for mexican in the Valley or West LA?

We're meeting some out-of-town friends for an early dinner and I was wondering if anyone had some good recommendations for mexican food in the Valley or West LA? Our friends are from NC, where I'm guessing la comida mexicana mas autentica is a little hard to come by.

The difficulty: this place needs to be kid-friendly. As much as I'd love to visit a taco truck (though those places are probably not available for early dinner), my 3yo would probably end up running into traffic, ruining the dining experience for us all.

Personally, I'm not big on the El Torito type of place, but will accept that type of suggestion if it's...well, not El Torito. Or if it's someplace that justifies it's excessive use of shredded cheese with flavor.

Any suggestions? I'm coming from Ventura county and they're staying around LAX, so a midpoint would be nice too.


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  1. Casa de Carlos and Sierra's, both in Woodland Hills, are good for kids

    1. La Serenata on Pico in W.La is kid-friendly. We take our 11 mo. old all the time,and we love it. Another place I've heard is great and kid-friendly but haven't been to is Kay and Dave's. There's one on Pico in W. La, and also one in Brentwood area.

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        Kay & Dave's is very kid-friendly, but the food is anything but authentic (bar is ok, though). Also not authentic, but good for families is El Cholo in Santa Monica. They will take a reservation for groups of five or more (at least they used to).

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          kay and dave's is absurdly kid friendly. in fact, kids are allowed to run around the restaurant and do, basically whatever they want. the food, however, is absolutely terrible! i would go to el torito or acapulco any day over k&d. it's really just awful.

          i would say don antoino's or talpa -- both on pico near bundy. it's near the freeway, both have good food, DA's is noisy and so kids probably won't make a difference and talpa is kid friendly and the staff is so sweet.

        2. El Cholo in Santa Monica, has always been a family favorite
          1025 Wilshire Blvd

          Check out menu and directions at