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Apr 5, 2009 12:03 AM


I found this interesting bit of news: DINE IN BROOKLYN HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL APRIL 30, 2009

More of a chance to try some of Brooklyn's fine restaurants for only $23 per person. I am working on my list as we speak!


Marty Extends Dine in Brooklyn Promotion

Brooklyn Beep Marty Markowitz announced today that the sixth annual Dine in Brooklyn will be extended through the end of this month. Participating restaurants offer $23 three course lunch and dinner menus Mondays through Thursdays. In a press release issued today, Marty reminds patrons to “be generours and properly tip their wait staff.”

For more information, call 718-802-3846 or visit

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  1. Are all the restaurants participating in the extension? I checked the referenced website, but could only find the original DIB dates along with the intial list of participating restaurants. Just for fun, I checked the River Cafe's website and they make no mention of an extension. OTOH, while dining at Petit Marche the other night, they included an insert with the check, indicating that they were going to carry over until the end of April.

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      It's really a shame that the VB Bridge is so expensive for non residents b/c so many good restaurants on SI have value priced 3 and sometimes 4 course dinners Mon-Thurs , EVERY week of the year. Many are in the $15-$20 range.A few even have BOGO.
      If there were 3 + people dining, it would be worth paying the toll.

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        Slight clarification from Serious Eats New York:

        "Following the lead of Restaurant Week in Manhattan, which turned into Restaurant Months earlier this year, Brooklyn's Restaurant Week, known as Dine-in Brooklyn, has been extended through April 30. But call first—not all eateries are keeping the $23 three-course lunch and dinner prix fixe menus. And it's only available Mondays through Thursdays..."

        Kitchop's comments:

        So, it's only Monday through Thursday and not all previously particpating restaurants. I guess this is somewhat good news. I can understand why restaurants would want to use this extension to promote business on Monday-Thursday but not on the weekend since weekends are the nights that they make most of their money, in general, but especially in the current economic climate. Although....I had a perfectly good Saturday evening DIB experience at Saint Germain in Bay Ridge.

        But if they're not going to publish a list of participants and I have to start calling restaurants to ask whether they are still participating, I'm probably not going to get around to going to a DIB restaurant on Monday through Thursday. My biggest frustration with the whole DIB promotion already is the lack of readily available info when it seems like it would be so easy to provide it.

        I do not want to have to call each restaurant ahead and ask questions about their DIB menu and whether they're even participating. And I would think it would be a pain for restaurants to have to get a lot of info-seeking calls. And I do not want to be bait and switched from a DIB menu to the regular menu, i.e. if I don't like the DIB menu once I'm in the restaurant and finally see it, I can always order off the regular menu. No thanks! If I want to order from the regular menu, I'd go any week but DIB week.

        If I'm going for the promotion, I want the promotion to offer something I'm interested in. To that end, I do not usually go to any restaurants for the DIB promo that do not, at least, post their special DIB menu in their window. I really do not want to have to work too hard or do too much research before I go out to dinner.

        My ideal would be a central website where all the DIB menus are posted. Can't someone on Marty's staff coordinate something like that? Alternatively, if the restaurant has a website, I wish they'd post it on their own website. It would give them an edge with me. At least put the DIB menu in the restaurant window. When they don't, I take it as a sign that they are particpating reluctantly and don't really want new customers to order off the DIB menu.

        I had good DIB experiences this year at Cebu and Saint Germain and in previous years I've had good DIB experiences at Elia and Tuscany Grill (all in Bay Ridge). All of these restaurants posted their DIB menus in their windows.

        I'm not walking in blind without knowing ahead what's on the menu. I've just seen too many DIB menus that had absolutely nothing I was interested in eating. There is nothing worse than a seemingly begruding DIB menu. Restaurants should not participate if they only want to offer field greens for an appetizer and vanilla ice cream for dessert. No matter what restaurant it is, field greens and vanilla ice cream are not a bargain. DIB menus should offer something special that gives us a sense of what to come back for on the regular menu.

        To conclude my little rant, let me just add that we almost always order a bottle of wine with dinner during DIB and we always tip generously. I'm not cheap. But I want a good DIB menu and I want it upfront. The goal of a good promotion is to win new customers who will come back and, hopefully, even become regular customers.