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Apr 4, 2009 10:28 PM

Wedding banquet etc recommendation- Bistro Camino

From time to time there have been requests on this board for recommendations for sites for banquets. Here is mine.

I tried to go to Bistro Camino last week Saturday but was told that they were closed for a private party, a wedding dinner. I went today (fish soup with fennel, salmon, deep fried ice- cream with berry sauce;very good) and as a victim of many kosher formal dinners, I asked how the dinner went , what was the meal.

The chef/owner is Japanese and used to chef at the York Club and Osgoode Hall, both places where there often are big banquets. I was told that one of the bridal couple is Japanese, the other "Canadian". Dinner was $100 a head.

The meal:
1. Appetizer, for each guest- sushi x2, sashimi x2, mozzarela on shitake mushroom, crab salad, proscuitto, smoked salmon
2.Sherry Consomme
3. Lobster Thermidor
4. Fillet Mignon Wellington with a Madeira sauce
5. a plate of different vegetables and rice (not together, I am told a traditional Japanese dish)
6. individual plate with an assortment of desserts:creme brulee, chocolate bon bon, fruit, blueberry semifreddo, butter tart
7. Tea or coffeee

I offfered to return to my first trade, bus boy, for their next banquet, in return for a meal of the leftovers. If only Hiro-san (the chef/owner) could come to some understanding with COR and get a kosher certificate.

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  1. However, wouldn't kosher certification also mean that he would not be able to open on Friday evenings?

    Food is good there. I like the attention given to meals. Nice to know that there is a spot for a private party that offers a lot for the price.

    1. I love the place too, but would probably hire a decorator to spruce up the room a tad, if I were to host a private function there.