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Apr 4, 2009 09:42 PM

Gefilte fish in MD/DC

I'm sick of fish in the jar & don't have it together to make my own. Anyone know a good outlet for G fish? Taste/freshness more important than Glat factor.

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  1. Dino in Cleveland Park makes a really good gefilte fish for their Passover special. I'd give them a call.

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      Sorry but it is only available on the menu. It is just too costly and labor intensive {I make the stuff personally!} to sell on its own.

    2. Wednesday's WASHPO food section included an article about A & B Famous Gefilte Fish, including places to purchase this in the metro area. Below, I've included the link to both the list of retail outlets and a description of the product.

      I've heard good things about this product, although I don't buy it myself since I make my own. Incidentally, making gefilte fish is quite easy if you aren't a purish about shaping your own gefilte fish by hand. I grind my fish in my food processor and bake the mixture in a baking dish. Then, I cut slices to serve.

      If you want an easy recipe just post a request on the board.

      1. All 3 of the kosher markets in MC sell prepared food as does several other outlets including Wegman's. You might also post on the Kosher board.

        1. I don't know about this year but whole foods had gefilte fish the last couple of years. they had a traditional one, a salmon one and a basil lemon flavored one.

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          1. re: dining with doc

            Well, that's what I ended up going with (Whole Foods), all the fine recommendations here notwithstanding. Got salmon and `traditional,' both total disappointments. Not flavorful at all; in fact hardly recognizable as fish. Wait till next year . . . . I'll certainly plan better.
            Thanks for suggestions.

          2. Anyone have new ideas this year? I host a mostly non-jewish seder, but my partner is used to her grandmothers homemade gefilte fish. Which means its not worth making it myself since only 2-4 people ever try it (out of a guest list of 24), but she will be disappointed if its terrible.

            We tried Balduccis in the past and it was dry and terrible!

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              I don't have a good source for you, but what I have done in the past is taken so-so gefilte fish and tried to spruce it up a bit by simmering it in some stock with vegetables for a little while. Doesn't take much work and seems to help some.

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                Max's in Wheaton or Kosher Mart in Rockville