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Apr 4, 2009 09:02 PM

Pescado Zarandeado at Mariscos Godoy CV

I had the Zarandeado at Godoy after becoming jealous of hearing friend and chowhound streetgourmetla's lunch today at recent LA Times reviewed Mariscos Chente. His sommelier lunch included zarandeado.

This 2lbs. butterflied cabrilla is perhaps the juciest, succulent fish I have ever feasted on. The presentatation is in a word - stunning - quarters of avocado, refrito smeared quesadillas, oranges etc. Addressed with perfectly steamed warm tortillas - this place is the top of the Mariscos game in SD.

I am getting psyched about a trip to Mazatlan in 1 month to try Sinaloan specialties in its birthplace. I somehow know already I will be relying on this place to get my fix when I get back!

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  1. Sounds great. When done well, it's great, but it's very easy to overcook fish. I assume it was done over coals or wood.

    Thanks for the report.

    1. Curious, sounds like it is enough for 2 correct?

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        Yes, definitely and at 12.75 its a steal for such a sophisticated dish. The waitress did tell me some single guys come in and order it to themselves but I couldnt imagine that. For me this dish would fit in the taste of San Diego thread - thats how good it was.

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          Well I was in CV this past Sat. and pulled in to Marisco's and ordered the Pescado Zarandeado with Cabrillo fish, there are 2 other choices of fish available for the dish. The dinner came with all a nice crab broth, and crab dip and chips. The entree came out on a turkey size platter with the cabrillo fish nicely butterflied, with roasted cerrano peppers, onions, fresh cabbage, lettuce, tomato, avacado slices and refried bean quesadillas. Totally awesome and a beautiful presentation, juicy and full of flavor, the fish was nicely seasoned and broiled and the conrtrast in texture between the cooked and raw veggies great . Their menu is huge, almost too large as I wanted to plan my next target dish. The place had a lot of families eating there, is very clean and the staff was very helpful to this Gringo. Oh and the prices are excellent. This Marisco's is a must try.

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            Fantastic! I am glad you liked it - its quite the plate... This place is def chowdown worthy and I am willing t bet the best sinaloan mariscos restaurant in the county.

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              Although pargo and robalo are the preferred zarandeado fish, la duena at Mariscos Chente also approves of cabrilla as a good fish for pescado zarandeado.Good news for San Diegan fans of Sinaloa, thanks to kare raisu.

      2. Went back to MG, just had to get more of the menu. I was torn between entree's or Cheviches, went entree's this time. Had Filetes de Pescado Culichi, what an awesome mild anaheim chilli sauce and cheese that topped the lightly fried generous sized pescado filete, it was accompanied with steamed veggies and some crisp carrots and celery. Then, Pulpo Sarandeado, grilled marinated whole (small) octopus, wow! cut it with a fork tender. Again it was accompanied with steamed veggies et al, I mopped the sauce on my plate with the flour tortilla's. I need more of this place, again, the waitstaff was excellent. Cheviche's next!

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          Awesome that you are hooked on this place! Too bad no more chowhounds are making the trip, in fact, every work colleague I bring here beg me weekly to take them back down.

          The culichi is fantastic you should try the huge clam that they split and broil with the sauce and cotija and serve over coastal rice. Its a sin!

          The zarandeado of pulpo over at Negro Durazo is also killer though their oysters are pretty lackluster. There, theyve also started making homemade tortillas - both flour and corn as well as paella every Friday.

          I often look at the LA boards to read about their Mexican restaurants - and they have multitudes. But to me we win out over them with the quality of our juggernauts - Godoy, Texcoco, Romesco, Super Cocina, El Paisa, Milpas, Cenaduria.

          I should move to Chula, if only to eat at Godoy more often!

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            CV is fine, I have no problems with ethnic hoods, in fact, I enjoy them. Couldn't imagine skipping Chinatown or Little Italy in NYC because it's an older part of the city.

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              Thank you so much for the recommendation, kare_raisu. Finally made it to Mariscos Godoy today, and it was excellent. I would count it as one of the three best meals I've had since moving to San Diego.

              Three of us shared the Pescado Zarandeado, the Papas Relleno, and a Ceviche de Pescado. The Pescado Zarandeado was tender, juicy, and beautifully seasoned. All of the complements to the fish, even the simple toasted quesadillas filled with refried beans and cheese, were tasty. The Papas Relleno was pure comfort food: mashed potato and juicy shrimp topped with a creamy green chile sauce and melted cheese. At first glance, this dish looked like it would sink to the bottom of my belly and sit there for days, but the cheese was surprisingly light and the potato fluffy. The Ceviche de Pescado could have used a bit more acidic punch for my tastes, but there was no denying the freshness of the fish. This entire feast, plus agua frescas for three, came out to $35 total. Amazing.

              Service here is warm and extremely attentive. Our waitress came and checked on us at least five times throughout the course of the meal. She strongly recommended the chicharron de mariscos for our next visit. Can't wait to go back.

              1. re: Lillian Hsu

                For sure! Wonderful that you liked it that much - I would put it in my top 3 too, so you are not alone!

                If you like this style of food we need to get you down to Ensenada or TJ - I just got back. Overhyped swine flu be damned - I ate Carnitas for Breakfast! I am liking the 5 min wait to cross back a lot though...