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Apr 4, 2009 08:35 PM

San Pablo: Mom's Cuisine - the barbacoa crawl part 1 ... mmmmm .... lamb tacos

On Saturday and Sunday Mom's has lamb barbecoa. There is the option to just get a lamb taco ($3), but get the full meal which comes with a wonderful rich consume frangrant with mint and full of rice, garbanzo beans, a few pieces of carrots and little bits of lamb.

The lamb itself is served with pico de galo, salsa verde for a little heat and a half dozen small tortillas. The ideas is to make your own tacos and sip the consume. It is really the mint that makes that consume.

Wikipedia on barbecoa

I also picked up a cabeza taco al vapor. This is without a doubt the best beef cheek taco I have ever had. The meat absolutely juicy and fabulous, piled high on a two steamed tacos and topped with cilantro, onion, and some sort of salsa I've never seen before, it was almost like a red paste and had a little smokieness to it. A huge charred jalapena and one of their delicious grilled onions came with it. All this wonderfullness for $1.25.

For dessert I had a cute ducky gelatina .- about the size and shape of a peep chicken, this was made of gelatin. Very nice.

Tommorow barbacoa at Sazon.

Mom's Cuisine
1848 23rd St, San Pablo, CA

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  1. How much was the full meal, please?

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    1. re: sydthekyd


      So far, Mom's is the clear winner

      Richmond: Sazon - the barbacoa crawl part 2

      You know who comes in third lamb-wise ... but not this particular dish ... Olivetto Cafe ... had a lamb panini there for lunch. Don't know how a place could suck the flavor out of lamb, but Olivetto's designer lamb had no flavor at all ... nice texture but absolutely no flavor ... and I spent $7.50 for two, maybe three slices of paper thin lamb.

      1. re: rworange

        Interesting. Acting on your recommendation, we went down to Mom's yesterday and tried the consomme platter. According to the paper sign taped to the menu board (and what we paid), the price was $8.99.

        That said, we thought it well worth the price. Flavorful meat and very tasty consomme. Some leftovers in the fridge for tomorrow night.

        Mom's is definitely a winner. Going to have to go back one of these days to try out their tortas (my personal guilty pleasure).

        1. re: Solop

          Could have been $8.99. I probably remembered wrong.

          Well, for me, our humble little Mom's won the barbacoa crawl ... beating out the latest hot spot and Chronicle top 100 restaurant Nopalito. Way better consomme is to be had in San Pablo. Now if only Nopalito would give gelantinas a try.

          SF: Nopalito - the end of the barbacoa crawl (part 3)

          Sazon had the next best lamb and finished last for consomme

    2. Hi rworange!
      You said my magic word barbacoa! Do you know if they are doing Hidalgo or Estado de Mexico style barbacoa de borrego? Or if they offer Pancita or specific cuts like costilla, cabexa, or even sesos? Did you see any papalo herb?

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      1. re: kare_raisu

        Estilllo HIdalgo.

        There's a second place that offers the pancita. However, their barbacoa wasn't as good.

        What is the difference in the Mexico style?

        Cabexa ... or cabesa ... because the cabesa was just swell.

        What is Papalo herb? I'm just about to burn out or I'd google. There was this wonderful minty herb in the consomme (whick I've spelled incorrectly more times than I'd like to count). Could that be papalo?

        1. re: rworange

          Estado de Mexico or Texcoco style is 'blanco' or not chile seasoned meat - whereas they apply chile in Hidalgo. I think avocado leaves also play a principal seasoning role in the edo. mex. version.

          You should ask them if they are able to procure maguey leaves which is essential to authentic barbacoa preparation.

          Papalo means butterfly in Nahuatl language - they resemble the round wings. Its like a pungent cilantro but with a more floral, green taste. Its amazing, and quite strong - very important for cemita construction as well.