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Apr 4, 2009 08:04 PM

One night in Miami

We have one night to dine in Miami--Tuesday April 7th. We are staying at the Fontainebleau and will not have a car, but my company (who is footing the bill for this trip, but unfortunately not dinner) is running a free shuttle to South Beach for us. So anything near the hotel or in South Beach is best location-wise.

The only thing I don't like is fish/seafood.

I know this is a really broad request, but any help you can provide would be appreciated!

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  1. If I had to pick one meal at the Fontainebleau or South Beach, I would go to Talula at 23rd & Collins. If you want to make more of an evening out of it, you could go to the Gansevoort or the Setai for drinks before (or after).

    If you don't want to schlep to South Beach, Scarpetta in the Fontainebleau is excellent.

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        You can also try LeBon (721 Lincoln Rd) for awesome Belgian (!) food...excellent moules, frites, carbonnade and the longest Belgian beer list I have ever seen. The fries are worth the trip alone.

        Right next door is a great little Italian place called TiramesU (no, that's not a typo) that serves really good casual Italian food filling the gap between a neighborhood joint and serious white-linen Italianness. You will likely be in the minority of non-Italians eating there.

        If you feel flush and tired, stay in and dine at Gotham Steak. If you feel flush, I concur with Talula.

        If you're feeling carnivorous and not that flush, try Liberty Parrillada (aka "Parrilla Liberty") at 609 Washington. Keep in mind the portions are VERY generous. (You could easily share almost every main course and not quite finish it all.)

        Hope that helps!

        1. re: jokeiii

          Le Bon is closed. In any event, given that OP said they don't like fish/seafood, LeBon would be an unlikely candidate since the best thing is the mussels (frites and beer are not a meal, though they're both quite fine). Tiramesu is decent but not anyplace I'd go out of my way for, and certainly not an "if you had one meal" kind of place in my book. For my money, the best Italian on South Beach is Sardinia and I'd probably put Scarpetta in the Fontainebleau ahead of it anyway.