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Apr 4, 2009 07:12 PM

Source for buying sake in the MD/DC area?

Hello All!

I am looking to buy a bottle of Junmai Daiginjo sake. Does anyone know where I can buy this for a good price? Thanks!

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  1. H Mart in Merrifield VA has a pretty good selection.

    1. Thanks DCDeb :-)

      Does anyone know of a source for sake in MD? I tried Corridor but they did not have much of a selection.

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      1. re: amethiste

        Wine Source, Chesapeake Wine Co, Mt Washington Wine Co, all have good sake sections.

        1. re: pleiades

          Thanks pleides - I was also looking for sparkling sake. The Wine Source carried this as well.

        2. re: amethiste

          Daruma in Bethesda has a good selection of sake.

        3. Maruichi Japanese grocery in Rockville has an excellent selection (as well as beer and other alcohol).