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Apr 4, 2009 07:05 PM

One Day, One Business Dinner

I need some help from Chowhounders in Chicago.

At the end of April I will be hosting two days of business meetings. It will be a group of 7 people and we'll be staying at the Blackstone at 636 South Michigan Avenue.

Here's my question: where can I take this group for a killer dinner in that general area of town? Should be fairly close to the hotel, I think (but I am open to suggestion). I'd like to have some fun but also am interested in really good food and service. This is a sports coat and khaki crowd that would likely enjoy a good night out.

Any thoughts here? Anything come to mind?


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  1. That's easy. Right in your hotel is Mercat de la Planxa. Spanish Tapas. Great drinks. Fun, First rate food. Good service. Casual, but classy. You might want to call ahead and create a tasting menu for your party.

    Mercat a la Planxa
    638 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60605

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      I second chicgail's suggestion. You really do have a great restaurant right at your hotel. The food is very good, a couple notches above the garden-variety fare a lot of traditional tapas places put out. Incredible room. Whenever i dine there, there are usually a few big groups. The wait staff are also experts in planning the course for you. And by all means, get the flatbreads. The one with short ribs is the best thing that can happen on top of a crust.

    2. Mercat is, without a doubt, the spot you're looking for. Universally praised by both the local and national media (with the cherry on top being named to Esquire's list of one of the best new restaurants in the country). Great food, great service, plus the fact that Tapas lends itself so perfectly to a group setting.

      1. I recommend Merc...

        ...never mind. ;)

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          Thanks to all of you for your recommendation of was excellent. We rang up a big bill and had a lot of fun.