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Apr 4, 2009 06:45 PM

Eating while watching TV

Does it make your meal more enjoyable or does it distract you from your food? What about eating while watching cooking shows?

Somehow it makes my food taste that much better or not taste good at all! I just thought I'd mention it cause I'm watching Hell's Kitchen. =)

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  1. I cannot do subtitles during dinner, Food comes first! I love watching food tv on Saturdays while on the treadmill, i always get great dinner ideas and often make them that night! What did we do before food tv?

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    1. re: Alica

      We got recipes from friends, magazines and newspapers.

      1. re: coll

        I know! I was just kidding! We also waited until we got home to make a phone call, sent more letters, saw people face to face, great point!
        I do enjoy my cell phone, my computer, my food tv, etc.. I guess it is the way of the world!

    2. At home I always eat in front of the TV. It definitely distracts from my food, but, truth be told, when at home and left to my own devices, the food I eat isn't too deserving of concentration.

      1. At home my TV is always on, maybe just a background noise, it depends. Weather channel, food network. I just like noise. I am not comfortable in silence it bothers me. Alone, yes I sit in front of the TV, with company it depends. If a game is on I may have it on, otherwise with company or a dinner party probably not, but at least music. It would depend on the company. and what they like.

        As far as distracting. Food is good but TV is certainly not going to distract me. Besides. I love a good meal, but food is not that important, nor is TV. I can do both at the same time.

        1. I eat more when I watch tv during dinner.

          1. Watch TV when I only eat alone. If family is there we sit a the dining table and have conversations over our meal. The meal is most enjoyable with family even if it is leftovers....

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              If I was having guests for dinner the tv would be OFF and the cd player would be on for background music... but when it's just me and DH, the tv is on all the time (actually he's one of those people who wants the darned thing on 24/7!) It doesn't spoil my dinner, most of the time I just tune it out entirely unless it's something that I wanted to watch.