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Apr 4, 2009 06:06 PM

Looking for bakeries in Philly

I will be visiting Philadelphia and would love to get some bakery recommendations. I love traditional bakeries but also want to know if there are any bakeries with great things I can't find other places. Thanks!

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  1. Are you looking for bread or pastries? Used to be four or five good breads in the city, besides Italian, but two have left and the two remaining, IMHO, are not what they used to be.
    For Italian, DiPalma's near Frankford Ave. on Decatur has dense bread, out warm, that is great.

    1. For Italian bread, I recommend Sarcone's, where the bread will still be hot from the oven. For artisan bread, try Metropolitan Bakery, the basics are good as well as fancy stuff like chocolate cherry bread (weekends only) and rosemary olive-oil. For home-style bread, try Le Bus, great multigrain, pumpernickel, and challah. For Italian pastries, try Isgro's (try the pesche thing and the cannoli cake). For fancy pastries, try Miel. For cheesecake, try Darling's Cheesecake Cafe (great key lime pie and bananas foster cheesecake). Thank you.

      1. In the Manayunk neighborhood, there is a small neighborhood Italian bakery called Marchiano's which makes an amazing "Oreganata", a round ring of spiral-rolled bread with tons of olive oil and spices (I like the hot version which is very peppery-hot). They also have great "stuffed breads" which are really lunch entrees, fantastic tomato pie too. Go early or order ahead because they sell out.

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              My favorite bakeries are Termini's (in South Philly and Reading Terminal), Brown Betty Desserts (in No Libs and Rittenhouse for cupcakes), and Tartes in Old City. Termini's is a traditional Italian bakery with great cannoli and pastries. Brown Betty has mostly cupcakes (well all cupcakes in Rittenhouse) and has great red velvet ones. Tartes has excellent coconut tarts and delicious cookies.

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                I went to Tartes for the first time last week (which is odd given that I love bakeries and moved into the neighborhood several months ago). I purchased 4 cupcakes and 2 cookies. I didn't get to try the carrot cake cupcake or the red velvet, but I was told both were good. The vanilla and chocolate cupcakes I did taste (both with vanilla buttercream icing) were good, though I didn't think they were anything special. The chocolate chip cookie and peanut butter cookie I tried were basically average and not something I would purchase again. What kind of cookies do you like that you purchase at Tartes? I'm not a big fan of coconut but I'll definitely try a pastry (i.e. a tart) next time I am there, as I think that is what they are most known for.

                1. re: Laura D.

                  I really like their sugar and their molasses cookies. The latter are almost as good as what they had at Petit 4. I was never enthralled with the cupcakes I have tried at Tartes ( I thought there red velvet was just pretty good), so I'd stick with those at Brown Betty or Naked Chocolate.