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Apr 4, 2009 04:27 PM

My New Vote for Best Roast Beef Poboy

Earlier today, I tried the r.b. poboy at Joey K's for the first time. Wow. I thought it was better than Parkway and Parasol's, and that's no small feat in my book. Similar style, slow cooked chunks of beef in debris gravy, but better flavor. It's a special, so you can't get it all the time. I'm not sure when they serve it, but if it's on the board, I recommend it.

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  1. I will check that out. My current favorite is Magazine St. but I have not tried Parasol's. I don't like shredded roast beef and I think the flavor is pretty bland at Parkway. I think I remember Guy's having a pretty good one, but I can't pass up the shrimp or catfish every time I go there so I haven't had the RB in a while.

    My ultimate favorite is at Pirate's Cove in Pass Christian, MS which I just found out is open! I thought it was lost forever in the storm. It's on Market St. in Pass. I haven't tried it yet but can't wait to get back home for a roast beef poboy, fries and a Barq's in a bottle. drool.

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      Yeah, I've never tried the r.b. at Guy's or Magazine St. Where are you in school? I'm a 2L at Loyola.

      1. re: lawstudent

        My hubby is always on a quest for the best RB. He recently was working uptown and in the same week hit Magazine and also Parasol's. He said that Magazine was way better than Parasol's!

        1. re: nikinik

          One of these days try Southern PoBoy at Jefferson and Claiborne Court, right near the Picadilly's. (Which stands on the former site of The Espana, a legendary NO resturant). I thot it quite good,tasy gravy and a good piece of french that absorbs the copious gravy and mayo well.

          1. re: nikinik

            We had the RB Poboy at Magazine last Friday and it was awesome. Haven't had Parasol's, so I can't compare.

            1. re: edible complex

              Where is Joe Sepie's? Haven't heard of it before.

              1. re: Brfoodie

                Jeff Hwy at Central in Old Jefferson.
                great fried seafood platters and meatball po boys too. and don't forget the fries and o rings.