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Apr 4, 2009 02:31 PM

What is this giant paperclip thing in my stewing chicken & what do I do with it?

Yikes! I have been buying stewers from this place in the farmers market for years and I've never seen this before. It's kinda like a thing metal version of what/where you'd tie the legs together to roast a bird... I yanked and yanked and couldn't get it out, so I just threw the whole thing in to simmer. I guess I can get it apart when I strip the meat off the carcass. But now I am obsessing that this whatever-it-is is leaching nastiness into the broth. Is it aluminum? I'm sure it's not going to kill us, but I'd rather it wasn't there. I guess next time the butcher says "Would you like me to cut it up for you?" I will say *yes* even if I'm in a hurry!

Does anyone know what this thing is, what it's for and what you do with it?

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  1. By all means cut it off and remove it (next time). A hefty pair of diagonal or electricians pliers will do. I've only seen these clips on turkeys.

    I'm not sure why they have to use a metal clip rather than butchers twine to hold the legs together, possibly a food 'safety' regulation.

    1. You press both sides of the "clip" toward the middle, simultaneously wiggling it a little, to disengage it.

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        Yes! My dh walked in when I was struggling with it, pinched it, and it popped right out. Thanks, DF & Grey!