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Apr 4, 2009 01:17 PM

Seafood chain in Montreal?

A few years back Red Lobster closed its only Quebec restaurant, the one on Crescent, if I'm not wrong. I miss it, but someone once told me that there's a French-Canadian equivalent chain . . . I have an image of a pirate in my mind but I could be wrong. Does anyone know of a Red Lobster-style chain of restos in Montreal? You know, shrimp platter, surf & turf, reasonably prices, family atmosphere?

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  1. Red Lobster was actually a few streets east of Crescent and they also had a location in Pointe Claire.

    The only chain seafood place I know of is Homard Plus. They have three locations, Roxboro on the WI, South Shore, and Laval. They also have a web site:

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      Andria, thanks. Yes, I've heard of Homard Plus but just looking at their menu I'm thinking the one someone mentioned was a little more downscale. However, it might be worth a try, when I get my paycheck!


    2. Am pretty sure there used to be a Red Lobster on Park Avenue in the strip mall across from Microboutique, more or less where Salon de quilles international is today.

      Sirène de la Mer is becoming kind of chainish, but it's not very Red Lobster-like and prolly doesn't do pirates.

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        Yes, there was a Red Lobster there - it always looked strangely out of place. On Avenue du Parc between Beaubien and St-Zotique, west side of street, in a sort of industrial stretch.

      2. There used to be a Red Lobster on Decarie also, where the Ponderosa Steak House used to be. Yup, I'm that old that I remember the Ponderosa. Now it's a Spa.

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          Ha! I remember the Ponderosa! Ours was in Kirkland and we used to go as a family when we were kids. I loved that place... cafeteria-style service for that yummy blueberry pie (or cherry, lemon, or coconut cream pie depending on the mood). Thanks for the flashback.

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            Do you remember those plastic little "steak identifiers" they gave you? It was a go to place for our family too. The salads though were atrocious.. Now WHY would I remember that almost 40 years later????

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              Hey, I do remember the steak picks... didn't the salads come with bottled dressing like the orange "French" I think Mr. Steer still has the same type of salad & dressing.

        2. There was also a Red Lobster in LaSalle.
          About the Homard Plus on the South Shore, its on Taschereau and it basically sucks. Used to be OK a few years ago, but the last three times I was there it was, make that terrible. Three strikes, and I ain't going back.

          Not an exact fit to your enquiry, there's Terra Mare on Sources. A touch more upscale than Red Lobster, but was pretty good the one and last time I was there about 10 months ago.

          Never been, but some people like Pete's Cape Cod in St. Anne de Bellevue. They seem strong on fried stuff

          Anyone remember the Poisonnerie on Stanley just below de Maisonneuve? I miss that place.