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Apr 4, 2009 01:09 PM

Casual birthday dinner - Zee Grill?

Is there a dress code for Zee Grill? Thinking about having my boyfriend's birthday dinner there, but some of our friends aren't into dressing up and fancy food. Are nice dark jeans and a nice sweater/top ok?

If not, does anyone else have any suggestions for a casual birthday dinner? We're not big wine drinkers and would like to spend $60 or less per person. Seafood, steak, pasta etc... nothing too intimidating, but also not TOO boring. lol

Grateful for any help!

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  1. Nice jeans are fine at Zee Grill, and it's a terrific restaurant choice.

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      Sounds like the perfect choice for your group! I'd call the dress code (not that one exists) nice casual. Dark jeans, as long as they're not scruffy looking, will be fine. If you have a sizeable group, make a reservation far enough in advance to ensure that enough tables can be put together to accomodate you.

    2. I just had another wonderful meal at Zee Grill last night. The seafood poke salad is beautiful and refreshing and my DH raved about the corn and clam chowder. All of our mains were done perfectly (from the seared ahi to a couple of surf and turfs) and my favorite dessert there is the lemon meringue ice cream sandwich. It's a very creamy lemon ice cream between two thin meringue "cookies". A great way to finish the meal. Service is friendly and unpretentious and the atmosphere is warm and cozy. It's really one of my favorite restaurants in the area.

      And no, no dress code at all -- everyone is so nice, you could probably walk in in shorts in the winter and no one would lift an eyebrow.

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        Seafood poke (pronounced po-key) as in the Hawaiian raw fish dish? Is this a new item on Zee's menu? I don't recall seeing it before.

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          Yes, as in the Hawaiian ceviche-like dish. It's citrus marinated salmon, shrimp and scallops (I think), cubed and served with julienned cucumbers, chopped tomatoes, rocket and pine nuts. It's really, really lovely. My friend had it as an app (I sampled, of course!), but I could see it as a perfect lunch on a hot summer's day with a cold glass of sauvignon blanc (they served a lovely SB from Marlborough last night that paired very well).

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            I had the poke on Mother's Day, 2008, so it's not that new. It was very fresh, tasty and light. I'm glad it's still on the menu. Makes me want to return, very soon.

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              Zee Grill's interpretation of a poke might be why it didn't ring a bell (I've been to Zee Grill a couple of times in the past year). A traditional Hawaiian poke is not "cooked" with a citrus-based marinade: it's flavoured with various ingredients, including sesame oil and Hawaiian red sea salt, and mixed with various other garnishes, but it's essentially a sashimi-style dish that's drizzled with soy sauce, rather than a ceviche-like dish.

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                I imagine that's why they call it a seafood poke salad, rather than just seafood poke. I'm pretty sure there was a hint of sesame oil, but yes, it struck me more as a ceviche than a sashimi. Either way, it's a very nice, light course.

        2. Great choice! Nice food and plate presentation. You should have a great meal for $60 or less. Enjoy!

          1. I think it is a great choice - cozy environment as well. Service was great and attentive (they gave us new sharing plates and even clean any mess on the table between appretizers and mains). We also got nice servings of bread and bread dippers as well.

            As for food, my gf and I were there Sat Night and wanted to try the lobster roll. They didn't have that, instead, we had the lobster fritters. The sauce with the fritters was amazing, the bit of spicyness really went well. However, it lacks a bit of lobster flavour though.
            We also had the Mussels in white wine sauce, which was very fresh. There was definitely enough for sharing for two people. Also had 2 little neck clams - which were little, but very fresh.

            As for the sea scallops dish, it was excellent - the sea scallops were huge! The biggest one was around 2.5" in diameter! And cooked just right. Combined with the saffron creme, it was an amazing dish.

            Price wise, it was less than $40 per person without wine, so zee grill would be a great choice for $60 per person and serves great seafood!