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Apr 4, 2009 12:51 PM

What is a Semi-Boneless Leg of Lamb?

I bought a semi-boneless leg of lamb for Easter dinner. I have never made a leg of lamb and am now kind of panicing over it. It's a US leg of lamb.

My MIL told me it was difficult to carve a leg of lamb so when I saw the semi-boneless I bought it?


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  1. NO NEED TO PANIC! Probably has the shank with bone (like up to the knee) removed. The upper bone (like our femur) remains. There must be instructions on carving such on the web. Try

    1. The semi-boneless aka "the easy carve leg." Carving a leg of lamb is not difficult if you are in the kitchen buy your self and have a moment to reorganize the presentation. The semi-boneless allows for a more fluid and "impressive" presentation not only in appearance vs. a boneless leg, but allows you to look like a pro if you carve at the dinner table.

      The semi-boneless, typically also frenched, is what you are likely to see being carved up at a fancy Sunday Brunch or a like occasion.

      Food Network has free Video Demos, try a search there.

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