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Apr 4, 2009 11:58 AM

Your favorite shredded salad - Som Tum, Slaw, etc

I'm looking for inspiration on tangy shredded salads that have dressings that are NOT mayo-based.
Things I've made and enjoy include:
- Som tum, including made with yardlong beans in place of green papaya
- Thai green mango salad
- Burmese green tea leaf salad
- Burmese pickled ginger salad
- Jicama slaws (of varying types)
- Fennel/apple slaw or salad (the Top Chef cookbook has a particularly interesting one with an apple cider, cumin dressing)

What types of crisp, refreshing, possibly spicy, tangy, or zesty sides do you make? Any recipes or suggestions for interesting dressings? What other fruit or veg have worked well in these types of preps?

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  1. I am trying this fennel salad out today (minus the greens), I will let you know how it goes.

    1. This one's tasty & has great eye appeal. From Hubert Keller - Red and Green Cabbage Salad Dressed with Cumin Seeds and Sherry Vinegar

        1. This is the thread I have been looking for.... Chili your list looks delish.....can you share the recipes for your top 3/4 favorites?


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            No specific recipes for som tums - just an amalgam from various sources. The yardlong bean variety simply subs in julienned beans into a green papaya recipe either raw or parboiled for a few mins (if tough).

            The Burmese salads came from NY TImes:

            I've never followed either recipe exactly, but here are the 2 green mango salad options I use:

            The fennel-apple is from Top Chef:

            I've also enjoyed this fennel-apple salad too (the juniper berries are great but it's also easy to overdo it):

            Last night I made this mango slaw from Ming Tsai:
            In retrospect I believe I made a tactical error. The carrots and mango did just fine with the shredding disc of the food processor. However the bell pepper and onion both seemed to lose a lot of liquid with such harsh treatment. I felt the onion 'juice' made the entire dish a little too oniony even after draining the shreds although DP liked the dish. Next time I would chop those by hand.

            The Saveur website also has a recipe for a lemongrass salad that is pretty amazing.

          2. In this thread, I posted a recipe for Broccoli Slaw which is obviously shredded. It has ramen noodles in it, and it's very good!