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Apr 4, 2009 11:06 AM

Heading to Parker House and Taj

Tomorrow we are having breakfast at the Parker House restaurant and then walking around Boston. Then, before heading back home will have a drink at the Taj.
Anyone eaten breakfast at the Omni Parker? Menu looks enticing. I also like how one can do 1/2 orders of the specialty eggs.

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your drink at the Taj. We were there about a week and a half ago and they were offering a free app with each cocktail. Unbelievable bargain, given that the cocktails were super strong and a not-too-pricey $14. And they kept refreshing our tower of nuts and bar mix. We were too full for dinner. The piano player that night was pretty good too.

    1. I had the breakfast buffet at the Parker House a number of years ago and was not very impressed, but have no idea how off-menu ordering for this meal there might be there. This would square with my more recent lunch and dinner excursions there, which I did not like at all. Service has ranged from neglectful to grouchy when I've been.

      1. Actually, the Taj did not open until 4 so we walked over to the Bristol Lounge and had a drink there.
        We did not have the buffet at the Parker House; rather, we ordered off-menu. I had the 1/2 oder of Seafood Benedict which was a grilled crab cake with poached egg on an English muffin. That was very good. And, I had asked for a very soft egg. When the waiter brought it to me, he said that if it was not soft enough, he would take it back and have another one made. Mr. T raved about his corned beef hash! Service couldn't have been nicer - very attentive. Many many tables were occupied by 9:30. I believe many were staying there as they did not have coats when they came into the elegant room.
        Have to definitely go to the Taj - my deceased father-in-law was the night manager of the Ritz for many years.
        I would definitely recommend the Parker for breakfast.