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Anybody been to Boho on Sunset?

I'm always curious about a new gastropub, especially if it's smack between the Arclight and Amoeba, but I'm suspicious because it's smack between the Arclight and Amoeba (Club Sushi, anyone?). Has anybody tried it out?

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  1. I crack up every time I hear the name "Club Sushi." It's like what a sushi restaurant would be called in an 80's Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.

    But, Boho is great! I know many, many people that have gone and several have gone multiple times. The tap list is top notch, the food is well above average for bar food and the atmosphere is funky and relaxed. I'm looking forward to going back.

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      looking forward to going what's your suggestion on what to try first?? my budget is kinda limited....

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        I loved the charcuterie plate because beer and meat is my favorite thing ever. Chicken pate, salami, cured pork shoulder, cured olives and a few other goodies. We also had the pulled pork sandwich, which was great although my friend didn't like the beets in the potato salad. We had some nice, garlicy kale and some fries that were delicious.

        Having said that, I think almost everybody gets a pizza. I didn't have it, but I am going to get the fingerling potato pizza next time. It looked fantastic.

    2. I'm going to a birthday party there tonight. Will definitely report back tomorrow.

      1. WOW, I had a terrific time at Boho last night. The kurabota pork has to be my favorite new dish. I made a fool of myself knawing on the bone as if I was my dog Brutus. Anyway, backup, Boho is owned by Andre Guerero who owns Max's and Oinkster. I didn't know this til last night. This is not your ordinary gastropub like Village Idiot. This is amazing food with a great beer selection. The pizzas have a really good dough and are thin but not as thin as Gjelina. It's on the same level of Gjelina but not Mozza.

        The place is funky like SaltCod said but warn and inviting. The service is top-notch, knowledgeable, quick and friendly. There must have been at least 5 large birthday parties there last night or I guess people love to sing Happy Birthday for no reason.

        They comped us desserts for my friend's birthday and the Zepolis and the bread pudding were so addictive, I may have to go see a movie at the Arclight soon so I can have some more.

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          I did a interview there, Im a Cook or inspiring chef rather... Its not owned by Andre Guerero Hey is just one of the Consulting Chefs there...I have not eaten here just yet But I have heard grat things from La.eater.com

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            Hmm, the card I took from Boho says Chef/Owner for him ... anyways, if he left, I think it woudl suffer. I love Max's and Oinkster

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              Sorry I could be wrong.. Or just had bad information... Well I heard the place is good would of loved to work there.. They due a 3 day fermentation on there Dough so Im sure there pizza is amazing

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              To clarify...Andre Guerero is a partner with owner Adolfo Suaya of Gaucho Grill fame.

          2. I've now been twice. The first time, a friend and I split the farro salad (like tabouleh) and the margherita pizza (no sauce, very light). The farro salad was very good, the pizza was just ok. I'll have to try another pizza with more heft to it.

            Saturday, we sat at the bar and received excellent service from the bartender (Chris). I had the burger, medium-rare and I have to use the word outstanding. It was perfectly medium-rare, combozola cheese on top, homemade pickles, arugula. Shamefully, I passed on the fries in lieu of a just-right dressed plate of mixed greens. My friend had the octopus salad which she didn't care for but if you're an octopus fan, was prepared nicely. She had better luck with the roasted beets - yellow beets with goat cheese and caramelized onions. Again, cooked just right.

            I am disappointed there aren't many people in there. I would love for this place to succeed. I am tired of the Arclight restaurant offerings although they are adequate, I've now had 4 items at Boho which are above-average to outstanding and I hope this helps in revving up their business.

            I cannot wait to try the ribs and a pepperoni pizza although it will be hard to pass up the burger as my usual treat.

            3 dishes + 2 glasses of wine = $54

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              Count me in as a new fan. Some friends were heading to the Cafe Was for brunch and I convinced them to go with me to Boho on Sunday. The food did not disappoint. I had to octopus salad too and it was perfectly cooked. Outshined is right, you have to like octopus to like the dish. I also had the burger and it was perfect and the fries were amazing. Same fries as the Oinkster.

              I think this past weekend was Easter so it was unusually slow (except for Street which we ate on Friday night and I'll review in another post). I'm hoping Boho sticks around as well. Perfect accompaniment to a good movie.

            2. SIV wrote a glowing review - almost a mash note - about this place, Sunday's Times I think. Did a good job of making the place appear worth going to, kinda like what y'all are doing here. That Margherita pizza sounds to me like exactly the kind I prefer: kinda stark, almost austere, no sauce. Guess we'll just have to go investigate.

              1. Coming from the perspective of an obsessive beer lover. . .

                Pretty nice place. Arrived about 5:45 in hopes of grabbing dinner and a beer on my way to a party at Blue Palms; the sign on the door said they were closed, even with posted hours from 5 to 12. Not good. An hour later after a trip to Amoeba Music (right next door you have the best record store in the world-- that has to count for something, right?), I walked past BoHo and the sign said they were open. Crisis averted.

                They seem to have carefully designed the captivating space, with a warm, log cabin- or loft-like environment, replete with couches surrounding a fireplace, lots of rugged brown leather and distressed wood tabletops, and various odds and ends of wood furniture and kitschy, antiquated wall ornaments. It's nice, but it feels (and no doubt, being Hollywood, it *is*) a little bit phony.

                The bar has about 25 or 30 taps at inflated prices (12 oz. of Avery Maharaja IPA or Green Flash Le Freak for $7) and a short-but-decent, if somewhat oddly selected, assortment of maybe a dozen different bottles at a little bit *less* inflated prices (Cantillon Lou Pepe Kriek for $30-ish, Ommegang Biere de Mars for about $22-ish). I was disappointed that the bottle list was so limited and the draft list was not up-to-date (Maharaja was not listed on the Current List OR the "Upcoming Drafts" section of the menu, but it WAS on tap), and it was all a little more expensive than I'd like to pay. On top of that, the beer is served way too cold to my tastes, probably around 35 degrees out of the tap, even though the cold box is snugly nestled right behind the tap handles, with maybe a five-foot draw for the longest line. Still, there's no doubt they have a decent selection of craft beers, and the food menu looks solid as well, if my first experience was a bit underwhelming compared to my expectations.

                I know Chef Andre Guerrero's food from the outstanding fast food at Oinkster, and I figured BoHo would have all of that AND THEN SOME (not literally-- I didn't expect milkshakes and cupcakes). Unfortunately, the food is fairly uneven, and at this point I would have to chalk it up mostly to the preparation. The French Onion soup I had was really quite tasty, made with oxtail broth and sherry, but it was served *ridiculously* hot, so much so that I couldn't eat it for literally at least 10 minutes. Not a huge letdown, but a small quibble. Then the baked fennel was likewise quite tasty, but a little bit too soft, and with a little too much cream. Finally, I have to disagree with others here on the burger-- I thought it was solid but unspectacular, and not even as good as the burgers at Oinkster. Unremarkable for a $14 burger. And perhaps the most disappointing item of all was the Belgian fries side that came with the burger-- another delicious staple from Oinkster, the fries I had last night at BoHo were woefully soft and a bit soggy, seemingly undercooked in the two-step frying process that they use both here and at Oinkster. They're MUCH better at Oinkster, even though they're supposed to be exactly the same.

                Service was friendly but fairly unattentive, perhaps owing to the fact that I was seated at the bar and dining solo. But the staff did not seem very knowledgeable about the beer either, as I overheard bartenders having trouble remembering the names of specific beers they were serving. Most of all, my biggest gripe about this place-- it simply lacks SOUL. There was no driving voice or passionate figure behind any of what I experienced, however obvious it is that a lot of thought and effort went into opening the place. I had no idea who was in charge there, and nobody really seemed to care whether or not I was enjoying myself, or even that I was there at all. The staff seemed mostly proper and professional (and there's quite a wealth of eye candy, both on staff and in the clientele), but the heart and warmth of the space-- which suffered greatly from a hollowed core-- seemed to carry over in human form with the service; they smile when they greet you, and then seem to forget that you’re there. This is not a place I could ever see myself visiting again on my own.

                Now, if I want to meet up with a good crowd of friends, or go out on the town for a decent meal with some good beers and an opportunity for some people-watching, I'd go to BoHo occasionally (and Father's Office, although I'd have to think a bit and return to BoHo before deciding which place I like more-- right now I'd say Father's Office). But when I'm in Hollywood and want to get some outstanding beer and see who I might run across at a bar full of like-minded beer lovers, I'll stick to Blue Palms (which has decent food as well, by the way-- although I think BoHo's is certainly a little more ambitious and interesting).

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                  You had me until Blue Palms. Not even close. I disagree on the "soul" comment which just escapes me. I've been to Boho four times now and it has been nothing but great. The food is amazing including the fries and the beer selection is great. As for the service, it's top-notch.

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                    Maybe I should go out to eat with your crowd some time. It's entirely possible that I experienced an off night (of service and food-- must've been a *really* off night!), or just that we have different preferences of these things. It's all good, either way. I'll definitely be back to BoHo (and soon, I hope), but it didn't come close to impressing me as I would have hoped.

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                      LOL. My crowd is a bunch of middle aged women who's picky about everything. I have eaten there with a group, with one person and by myself at the bar. It's a different experience each time because the whole place is vibrant and fun so I say take some friends and see if things change. I really do like this place because it feels so homey and casual but the food is really good.

                2. I love this place. Unlike a lot new cutting edge joints (like 8oz.etc. – loud and crazymaking), it's comfortable, the food - even the normal fair - is done perfectly. I had the pulled pork sandwich (with a vinegar based sauce) which wasn't exactly the sloppy kind from a hardcore barbeque place (which I love), but really clean and flavorful. The fennel pizza with gruyere was really good and the rice pudding out of this world. Great beer selection (I'm mostly a wine guy). The have a huge selection, and they have a part of the beer menu called "on deck" which lists the wines that will be on tap when they run out of the wines presently being served. Anyway - I love this place.

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                    You know, I shouldn't have said "cutting edge", which means something different than I intended. Something like: "New, hip meeing places" is what I meant to say.

                  2. Count me in as a lover of Boho. I thought Charcoal was the worst sort of mediocre, with watery drinks and un-memorable food. Boho, on the other hand... well, after my first experience, I liked it so much that I went back the next night after seeing a movie. Pair this with Cafe W as as my favorite restaurants in the Sunset/Vine-Cahuenga corridor area.

                    I've had several of the vegetable dishes (the corn and the green beans) which were lovely. The pizzas are thin and crisp - so far I've tried the potato and the asparagus. Neither had sauce, though I think some of their pizzas do. My friend quite liked her burrata salad. My favorite thing, though, seriously, has got to be the french fries. They make everything from scratch. I don't really like ketchup and will only eat it on fries. Let me just tell you... I could eat their ketchup with a spoon. It's sweet and amazing. The fries come with homemade ketchup and garlic aioli. My boyfriend had the oyster sliders and liked them. The beer selection is wonderful. It might be the only place in LA I've seen that has Woodchuck cider on tap. Service has been good, too, and I quite like the decor with all the brick and wood.

                    1. I have been two times. Both times I loved the food with some reservations. Pulled Pork over cheddar biscuits for brunch was crazy delish. Charcuterie and oxtails, lovely. Pizza undercooked. Service one time was beyond ridiculously awful, the second time it was about 50% better. Still, I would gladly go again. I love the atmosphere, good food, decent wine list.

                      1. Add me to the fan list. I'm thrilled there's a terrific place so close to the Arclight. The chef/owner came to the table the last time I was there, and chatted for quite a while about his vision for the place. Said he wanted to make pizzas.....which are very good. But my favorite dish is the oyster po' boy sliders.
                        Oh my!

                        1. Brunch at Boho was very enjoyable. Had the eggs bacon benedict - lovely dish. Also enjoyed bottomless mimosas ($14!)

                          1. I've only been twice but I love it.

                            I love their Smokey Oyster Po' Boys and their rice pudding dessert.

                            They have 50% off their entire menu on Tues. Nights.