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Apr 4, 2009 10:45 AM

removing grease from prebreaded, partially cooked fried breasts [moved from Site Talk board]

I was given a couple of large (10 lb) bags of frozen prebreaded fried chicken breast (they look like what a fast food joint would use for a chicken parm or other sandwich) by a trucker who claimed that a restaurant refused his delivery. They are not poisoned or bad...I have eaten them and am still here. They actually taste okay, but they are really greasy. I don't like wasting food but they are altogether too greasy and if I can't cut down the grease on them I will have to discard them. Is there an easy way to remove excess oil other than just cooking them (I've tried baking, broiling, and frying) and blotting with paper towelling? (which just ain't enough!) If I stick them into a deep fryer at the appropriate temperature will the grease in the breading leach out?

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  1. this probably belongs on the Home Cooking Board, but...

    why not just remove/scrape off the breading, re-season any way you want to, and then finish cooking in the oven or on the stove?

    1. Do you have a pizza stone? I keep one in my toaster/countertop oven & it works like a charm for something like this.

      Just preheat your oven & the stone for about 15 - 20 min on high heat.
      I think I would thaw the chicken all the way first. Then place a couple of pieces of chicken directly on the stone. Leave it at a high temp for about 10 min, then lower it if you feel it is too high, but not too much. You're basically frying the chicken on the stone, so you need high heat. Let it get nice & crispy.

      If you don't have a pizza stone, get one! Great for rewarming leftovers too!

      For a toaster/countertop oven - you can get the small bar pan from Pampered Chef.
      The medium one is about 3/4" too big, unfortunately.